Kate Elliott

Kate Elliott is the pen name of American fantasy and science fiction writer Alis A. Rasmussen (born 1958).[1]

Alis A. Rasmussen
Pen nameKate Elliott
GenreFantasy, science fiction
SpouseJay Silverstein


Although Rasmussen's first novels The Labyrinth Gate (1988) and The Highroad (1990) (a science fiction trilogy) failed to become bestsellers, additional publishers liked her manuscripts. However, they wanted a fresh name unconnected with the sales figures of the previous books. Starting in 1992 under the new name of Kate Elliott, her sales have flourished.[2] The Crown of Stars series has been featured in the Science Fiction Book Club.

Personal lifeEdit

A native of Junction City, Oregon, Rasmussen moved to Oakland, California to attend Mills College. There she became active in the Society for Creative Anachronism where she pursued medieval sword fighting.

Rasmussen and her husband Jay Silverstein live in Hawaii.[3]


As Alis A. RasmussenEdit

  • The Labyrinth Gate (1988) fantasy, ISBN 0-671-69793-5
  • The Highroad Trilogy science fiction
    1. A Passage of Stars (1990), ISBN 0-553-28372-3
    2. Revolution's Shore (1990), ISBN 0-553-28544-0
    3. The Price of Ransom (1990), ISBN 0-553-28788-5

As Kate ElliottEdit

  • The Spiritwalker Trilogy fantasy series
    • Cold Magic (2010)
    • Cold Fire (September, 2011)
    • Cold Steel (July 2, 2013)
    • The Beatriceid (novelette, 2015)
  • Crossroads fantasy series
    • Spirit Gate (2007)
    • Shadow Gate (2008)
    • Traitors' Gate (2009)
  • Crown of Stars fantasy series
    • King's Dragon (1997), finalist for 1997 Nebula Award for Best Novel
    • Prince of Dogs (1998)
    • The Burning Stone (1999)
    • Child of Flame (2000)
    • The Gathering Storm (2003)
    • In the Ruins (Aug 2005)
    • The Crown of Stars (Feb 2006)
  • The Golden Key (1996), a collaboration with Melanie Rawn and Jennifer Roberson; World Fantasy Award finalist for Best Novel of 1996
  • The Novels of the Jaran science fiction series
    • Jaran (1992)
    • An Earthly Crown (1993)
    • His Conquering Sword (1993)
    • The Law of Becoming (1994)
  • Court of Fives young adult fantasy series; Andre Norton Award nominee for Best Book of 2016
    • Court of Fives (2015)
    • Poisoned Blade (2016)
    • Buried Heart (2017)
    • Night Flower (novella, 2015)
    • Bright Thrones (novella, 2017)
  • Black Wolves fantasy series, sequel to Crossroads series
    • Black Wolves (2015)
  • Magic the Gathering trading card game, fantasy series
    • Core Set 2019 eight-episode short story cycle
    • Throne of Eldraine: The Wildered Quest (2019)
  • The Sun Chronicles science fiction adventure series
    • Unconquerable Sun (2020)

Short storiesEdit

  • "My Voice Is In My Sword" in Weird Tales from Shakespeare (1994), reprinted in Apex Magazine (2015)
  • "The Memory of Peace" in Enchanted Forests (1995)
  • "A Simple Act of Kindness" in The Shimmering Door (1996)
  • "With God to Guard Her" in Return to Avalon (1996)
  • "The Gates of Joriun" in Tarot Fantastic (1997)
  • "Making the World Live Again" in Zodiac Fantastic (1997)
  • "Sunseeker" in 30th Anniversary DAW Books Science Fiction (2002)
  • "Riding the Shore of the River of Death" in A Fantasy Medley (2009), reprinted in Epic: Legends of Fantasy (2012)
  • "Leaf and Branch and Grass and Vine" in Fearsome Journeys (2013)
  • "Everything in the World Wants Something" in Book Smugglers (2017)
  • "A Compendium of Architecture and the Science of Building" in Lightspeed Magazine (2018)
  • The Very Best of Kate Elliott (2015) short story collection


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