Kasidakari (Kashida, kashida - kari ) is an embroidery art associated with Kashmir, Bihar,[1] Punjab[2] and Himachal.[3][4]


Kashida is the local lingo for the embroidery. Kasidkari known as kashida - kari,[2] is the Punjabi and Hindi for needlework.[5] It is also known as kasidakari.[6]

Techniques and stitchesEdit

Various stitches are employed for Kashida work such as darning stitch, stem stitch, satin stitch and chain stitch. The base material for Kashida is cotton, wool or silk in a variety of colours like white, blue, yellow, purple, red, green and black. The stitches may vary with the material to be embroidered.[7] Do - rukha'l embroidery (Chamba Kasidakari) has characteristics of its own which differentiates it from other forms of embroidery in India.[3][8]


The sujni[what language is this?] stitch is used when uniformity is desired on both sides, like in choice.


Zalakdozi employs hook or aari to fill-in motifs with chain stitch. The chain stitch done with a hook is found on chogas[what language is this?] (cloaks) and rugs with long and flowing designs.

Zari threadEdit

Kashmiri couching using zari thread is a style of Kashida work in which a zari thread is laid on the fabric along a pattern and is held in place with another thread.


To decorate costumes, Phirens, shawls, handkerchief and various household items like bed covers, cushion covers, lampshades, bags and other accessories.

See alsoEdit

Chamba Rumal an embroidered handicraft that was once promoted under the patronage of the former rulers of Chamba kingdom.


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