(0546946740) Kasapreko Company Limited (KCL) is a Ghanaian ISO 22000:2005 certified indigenous manufacturer and producer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Alomo Bitters a herbal based alcoholic drink is KCL's flagship product.[1] Kasapreko was 6th according to the 2012 Ghana Club 100 rankings.[2] In 2017 KCL was awarded top Ghanaian company in the competitive beverage sector by the Association of Ghana Industries.[1]

Kasapreko Company Limited
IndustryBeverage & Acoholic
Founded1989 Edit this on Wikidata
FounderDr Kwabena Adjei (President & Group Chairman)
Area served
ProductsStorm Energy Drink , Alomo (Gold, Black,Silver, Bitters) , K20 Wisky , Royal Drinks(Apple,Cola,Orange,Lemon Splash,Honey Bee), Tonic Wine , Carnival Strawberry, Kalahari Bitters, Veraldo ,Hi5 ChocoMalt.
Number of employees
580 (2017)


Kaspreko was started in 1989 by Dr Kwabena Adjei[3] a Ghanaian businessman at Nungua in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana to provide quality and affordable drinks to Ghanaians.[1][4]


KCL Key brands include:


  1. Alomo Bitters[4]
  2. Kalahari Bitters[5]
  3. Hand Sanitizer[6]


  1. Storm Energy Drink[7]
  2. Awake drinking water[8]
  3. Royal Drinks
  4. 10/10
  5. Veraldo
  6. 5 star multi fruit


In 2020 the company decided to go in to mass production of alcoholic hand sanitizers to fight against the novel coronavirus as result of shortage in the market.[3][9]


Kasapreko recently won the Outstanding Alcoholic Beverage Company of the Year at the 2019 West Africa Business Excellence Awards (WABEA).[10] In 2020 the company was one of twelve businesses that picked up honorary awards at the ninth Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) Ghana Industry and Quality Awards.[11]


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