Karori Lunatic Asylum was a psychiatric hospital in Karori. Established in 1854, it was New Zealand's first asylum. The first patient was admitted in the same year, but it would be 1858 before a second patient arrived.[1] Poorly run by untrained staff, there was only an occasional doctor's visit, and no attempt at cures. By 1871, there were 23 patients with a variety of disorders. The facility closed in 1873 with the patients transferred to Mount View Lunatic Asylum. In 1875, Karori School opened on the grounds of Karori Lunatic Asylum.[2]

Karori Lunatic Asylum
LocationKarori, New Zealand
Coordinates41°17′05″S 174°44′30″E / 41.284682°S 174.741601°E / -41.284682; 174.741601
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