Karnataka Public Works Department

Karnataka Public Works Department (also known as Karnataka Public Works, Ports and Inland Water Transport Department or KPWD) is an government ministry Government of Karnataka agency in charge of the public works in the state of Karnataka, India. It is entrusted with the responsibility of construction and maintenance of buildings for most of the Karnataka government departments and Public undertakings and maintenance of road works including the National Highways, State Highways and Major District roads.

Karnataka Public Works Department
Agency overview
(165 years ago)
HeadquartersVikasa Soudha, M.S.Building, Dr.Ambedkar Road, Bangalore 560001
12°58′40.2″N 77°35′22.3″E / 12.977833°N 77.589528°E / 12.977833; 77.589528Coordinates: 12°58′40.2″N 77°35′22.3″E / 12.977833°N 77.589528°E / 12.977833; 77.589528
Minister responsible
  • Govind M. Karjol, Public Works Department (Excluding Ports and Inland Water Transport)
Agency executive


The public works department was established in 1856 in the then Mysore State. Prior to this the Revenue officers were responsible for public works in the state.

Historical buildings constructed by Public Works Department
Year Building Location Cost
1869 Bangalore Central Jail Bangalore 46,047
1868 Bowring Hospital Bangalore 2,16,454
1879 Government Museum Bangalore 48,335
1869-1917 Public Offices Bangalore 5,95,991
1882-1924 The Central College Bangalore 5,44,599
1894 Maharaja College of Mysore Mysore 2,08,000
1895 Public Offices Mysore 1,75,506
1896 Victoria Hospital Bangalore 7,84,000
1899 Law Court Buildings Mysore 21,470
1907 Sheshadri Iyer Memorial Hall Bangalore 83,624
1917 Chamarajendra Technical Institute Mysore 2,44,516
1917 Minto Eye Hospital Bangalore 2,82,000
1917 The Government High School Bangalore 1,55,502
1918 Krishna Rajendra Hospital Mysore 3,65,000
1920-1922 University Buildings Mysore 2,41,262
Vanivilas Institute Bangalore 69,567
Fernhill Palace Ooty 4,78,000


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