Karma Rider

Karma Rider (Chinese: 師父·明白了; Jyutping: Si fu ming bak liu literally "Master, Understood") is a 2013 Hong Kong ancient crime television drama produced by TVB, starring Raymond Wong and Priscilla Wong as the main leads with Matt Yeung, Evergreen Mak, Kaki Leung, Cilla Kung, Helena Law, Yoyo Chen, Cheung Kwok Keung, Benjamin Yuen, Matthew Ko, Rachel Kan and Kenny Wong in major supporting roles. It was broadcast between July and August of 2013.[1]

Karma Rider
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Also known asMaster, Understood
GenreAncient, Crime, Love, Drama
Created byHong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited
Written byShek Hoi Ting
Opening themeUnderstand 明白了 by Hubert Wu
Country of originHong Kong
Original language(s)Cantonese
No. of episodes20
Producer(s)Chan Yiu Chuen
Running time45 minutes (per episode)
Production company(s)TVB
Original networkTVB Jade
Picture format
Original release15 July –
9 August 2013 (2013-08-09)
Preceded byAwfully Lawful
Followed byAlways and Ever
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Karma Rider
Literal meaningMaster, Understood


Chor Yat Chin (Raymond Wong) was saved by a kind-hearted man when he was young and since then, his life ambition was to become the world’s best constable. His training and hard work paid off when he solved a mystery case on his first day of work. However, his superior, Ching Ying Hung (Mat Yeung), did not approve of Yat Chin's methods of solving the case, as he was a man who strictly kept to the rules, hence the two do not get along well in the Yamen. As another murder case arose, Yat Chin must enter Ma Heung Town's forbidden territory: Kau Lau Village. It is known among the town that criminals live in the village, and no constable or official, even the Emperor himself, can enter the place. However, Yat Chin encounters Foon Hei (Priscilla Wong), a pickpocket who saves him numerous times, and she helps him infiltrate the Village.

Along the way, Yat Chin also come across Wan Tin Bong (Evergreen Mak), an odd man who is linked to Yat Chin's past and is the core suspect of the murder case. With the murder case on his hands, Yat Chin begins to have dreams of himself as Liang Shanbo from the Butterfly Lovers legend. The dream indicates that he is the reincarnation of Liang Shanbo, but with the sudden appearance of the daughter of a wealthy merchant, Wu Deep (Yoyo Chen), Yat Chin is unable to tell who his predestined partner and the reincarnation of Zhu Yingtai is: Foon Hei, or Wu Deep? [2]


The Scallion HouseholdEdit

Cast Role Description
Helena Law Foon Shu/Lang Nu


An elderly woman who sells scallion cakes at a small stall in East Kau Lau of Kau Lau Village

She lost four of her own biological children and so adopted four others: Foon Ching, Foon Hei, Foon Tim and Foon Siu

Kaki Leung Foon Ching


The oldest of the Four Scallion Sisters

She is dumb

Adopted by Foon Shu/Lang Nu

A pickpocket

She can play the flute

Lives in East Kau Lau of Kau Lau Village

She falls in love with a man the girls nicknamed as Silent Hero

Priscilla Wong Foon Hei


The second oldest of the Four Scallion Sisters

Adopted by Foon Shu/Lang Nu

A pickpocket

Lives in East Kau Lau of Kau Lau Village

She likes Chor Yat Chin

She dies in Episode 20 due to an illness

She loves and strongly believes in the Legend of the Butterfly Lovers

Metaphorically, she is believed to be the reincarnation of Zhu Yingtai from the Legend of the Butterlfy Lovers

Mikako Leung Foon Tim


The third oldest of the Four Scallion Sisters

She is sickly

Adopted by Foon Shu/Lang Nu

A pickpocket

Lives in East Kau Lau of Kau Lau Village

Cilla Kung Foon Siu


The fourth oldest of the Four Scallion Sisters

She is known for her 'Beautiful Kick'

She is feisty and always wants to be pretty

Adopted by Foon Shu/Lang Nu

A pickpocket

Lives in East Kau Lau of Kau Lau Village

She falls in love with Bak Hok Yee

She committed suicide in Episode 16

Ma Heung Town YamenEdit

Cast Role Description
Raymond Wong Ho-yin Chor Yat Chin

Bald Boy

He is a constable

He is a newcomer to Ma Heung Town He is wrapped up in a slight love triangle with Wu Deep and Foon Hei

He loves Foon Hei

After saving Bak Yat Yat from an assassination, he is rewarded with a pass where he can enter Kau Lau Village at will

Metaphorically, he is the reincarnation of Liang Shanbo of the Legend of the Butterfly Lovers

He has a strong interest to butterflies

Mat Yeung Ching Ying Hung He is the Head Constable of Ma Heung Town Yamen

It is believed he ends up with Wan Yau in the end

He and Chor Yat Chin initially were not on good terms but they soon developed a strong bond of companionship and brotherhood

He is the type of guy that goes by the books

Whitney Hui Wan Yau She is a constable under Ching Ying Hung

She has a crush on Ching Ying Hung and so always listens to him

Supposedly, she ends up with Ching Ying Hung in the end

Chun Fa BathhouseEdit

Cast Role Description
Evergreen Mak Wan Tin Bong


He is an employee of Chun Fa Bathhouse

His mentor is God

He is good friends with Chor Yat Chin and Foon Hei (they are a team)

His relationship with Chun Fa is ambiguous, somewhat between romantic and strong friendship

He can see someone's fate through butterflies

Lives in East Kau Lau of Kau Lau Village

Rachel Kan Hoi Chun Fa

Lady Boss

She is the lady owner of Chun Fa Bathhouse

She cares deeply for Wan Tin Bong

East Kau LauEdit

Cast Role Description
Willie Wai Bak Yat Yat

Tung Ye

Controls the east side of Kau Lau Village

He is very loyal, having stayed faithful to his deceased wife

He loves his son and hopes that he never becomes like him

Very respectful to elderly people

He initially hates Chor Yat Chin because he is a constable (and bald). However, they become friends afterwards

Lives in East Kau Lau of Kau Lau Village

He dislikes the fact that his son likes Foon Siu because he hopes his son would marry a proper woman with adequate education and of the same social status

Owen Cheung Bak Hok Yee


He is the scholar son of Bak Yat Yat

He falls in love with Foon Siu

He was unintentionally killed by Ngan Yee in Episode 14, leading to Foon Siu's subsequent suicide

Amy Fan Mok Sau Si She works at the small restaurant which plays the Butterfly Lovers opera that Foon Hei really likes

She and Foon Hei have a past together, and they subsequently become friends

She and Lok Mou Ngai were a couple but due to various reasons they are separated

She becomes blind in the end

Lives in East Kau Lau of Kau Lau Village

Katy Kung plays young Mok Sau Si

KK Cheung Lok Mou Ngai

Grey Hair Doctor

He was initially in a relationship with Mok Sau Si

After Mok Sau Si was forced into an arranged marriage, he became a monk and saved Chor Yat Chin

He moves into East Kau Lau of Kau Lau Village to watch Mok Sau Si

He poses as a doctor and becomes connected with Chor Yat Chin and Foon Hei

Benjamin Yuen plays young Lou Mou Ngai


Cast Role Description
Du Yan Ge Wun Tin Sang Main Villain

After asking Kong Tai Ping to kill the previous mayor of Ma Heung Town, he was elected as the next mayor

He has hopes of taking over the whole of Ma Heung Town including Kau Lau Village, where even the emperor has no control over, and kills three of the masters of Kau Lau Village: North, South and West.

He was unsuccessful in killing East's master, Bak Yat Yat

He is the first and oldest biological son of Foon Shu

He is Kong Tai Ping, Dong Mei and Ngan Yee's half brother

He committed suicide in Episode 20

Jonathan Cheung Kong Tai Ping He is a masked assassin with a blind right eye

He follows the orders of Wun Tin Sang—they are brothers of the same mother but different father

He was manipulated by Wun Tin Sang

He is Foon Shu's youngest biological son and third child

He is Dong Mei and Ngan Yee's blood brother

He was convicted to jail in the end with several guilts of murder

Meini Cheung Dong Mei She was hired by Wun Tin Sang to feed the constables fake testimony for Wan Tin Bong's murder case

She is Foon Shu's oldest daughter and second child

She is Kong Tai Ping and Ngan Yee's blood sister

She and Ngan Yee are wrapped up in a kidnapping case and was convicted to jail in the end

She also killed Ngan Yee's boyfriend

Candice Chiu Ngan Yee She is Wu Deep's personal maid

Her boyfriend tricked her into the real kidnapping of Wu Deep (which was initially a stage kidnapping)

She unintentionally killed Bak Hok Yee

She is Foon Shu's youngest daughter and fourth child

She is Kong Tai Ping and Dong Mei's blood sister

Yoyo Chen Wu Deep

Shek Shek

The rich daughter of a businessman

She was kidnapped as a child and met Chor Yat Chin, who gave her the name Shek Shek

She falls in love with Chor Yat Chin and is somewhat the indirect cause of Bak Hok Yee's death

Kenny Wong Silent Hero Guest Star

He is romantically linked to Foon Ching

Viewership ratingsEdit

Week Episode Date Average ratings Peak rating
1 01-05 July 15–19, 2013 25 30
2 06-10 July 22–26, 2013 24 28
3 11-15 July 29 -Aug 2, 2013 22 27
4 16-20 Aug 5 - 9, 2013 23 26


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