Karma-Ann Swanepoel

Karma-Ann Swanepoel was the lead singer of Henry Ate, a South African rock band. She subsequently went solo, releasing her first album Karma in 1998. The South African-born singer shot to fame in the mid-1990s with hit songs such as "Just" and "Henry Ate".

Karma-Ann Swanepoel
OriginSouth Africa
Associated actsHenry Ate


Swanepoel attained success in South Africa. Her song "Just" was counted as No. 1 in the 5FM 2001 countdown.[1] Karma moved to the US in 2003.[2]

Her musical style encompasses folk, acoustic, and South African harmony.

Civil litigation with Lil WayneEdit

Henry Ate's/Karma's song "Once" was sampled by Lil Wayne in the mixtape track, "I Feel Like Dying". The lawsuit accuses the recording artist of copyright infringement. Karma-Ann Swanepoel claimed Lil Wayne did not have permission to sample the song and is suing for compensatory damages. Lil Wayne did not profit directly from the song – it was leaked to the internet and passed via peer-to-peer websites and not sold on any retail album.[3]


  • Slap in the Face [1996]
  • One Day Soon (as Karma) [1998]
  • Torn and Tattered [2000]
  • 96 - 02 - The Singles [2002]
  • Don't Walk Fly [2005]
  • Working Title [2005]
  • Even If She Tried [2008]
  • Paper Cuts [2008]


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