Karlslunde is a suburb 25 km (16 mi) south-west of central Copenhagen, Denmark. The suburb is a part of Greve municipality. Karlslunde is generally divided into Karlslunde Landsby and Karlslunde Strand split by Karlslunde Landevej (Taastrupvejen). The suburb is connected with the S-train network lines A and E.

The city has quite a rich history, as the viking Svend-Grate fought a vital battle against the Vends in Karlslunde in the year of 1153. Karlslunde was also part of Tunestillingen which was a defensive line to protect Copenhagen against a possible attack from the germans under World War I. Mosede Fort (also in Karlslunde) is an old fort which was a key part of this defensive line. Mosede Fort also has a very interesting interactive museum where you can learn more about Tunestillingen and the central role Karlslunde played in it.

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Coordinates: 55°34′N 12°14′E / 55.567°N 12.233°E / 55.567; 12.233