Karlskirche, Kassel

The Karlskirche in Kassel (also Oberneustädter Kirche) is a Protestant church built by Paul du Ry in 1710 for the local Huguenot community.[1]

Church after reconstruction
Service of the CVJM in the ruined church, 1953

The church was the location of a hundred-day sound installation by John Cage in 1987.[2]


  1. ^ Bulletin de la Société de l'Histoire du Protestantisme Français 2002 "Le nouveau quartier fondé pour les réfugiés à Kassel était Oberneustadt (Haute ville nouvelle). Paul du Ry... Carl, en 1698, que la pierre angulaire du temple fut posée, temple qui, plus tard, porta le nom du prince: Karlskirche (église de Charles)."
  2. ^ Amy C. Beal New Music, New Allies: American Experimental Music in West Germany 2006 "Finally, for one hundred days in 1987, from June to September, the Karlskirche in Kassel remained open for ten hours a day for churchgoers to experience a sound installation by Cage in connection with his work featured at that year's modern ..."

Coordinates: 51°18′42″N 9°29′41″E / 51.31167°N 9.49472°E / 51.31167; 9.49472