Karen Jønsson

Karen Jønsson (or Jönsson ) born Karen Sylvia Therese Pedersen (17 January 1909 – 2 December 1942) was a Danish actress of Swedish descent. She was also a notable, gifted and popular singer, songwriter and composer. Throughout the 1930s she composed and recorded a number of catchy tunes and songs, often centered on her voice and refined stride-like piano playing, of which well over a handful still retain a certain recognition and popularity as evergreens, such as Hvorfor er Lykken så lunefuld, I Aften, Han kommer og banker, Din Melodi and Would You Miss One Little Kiss. She also composed several filmscores, as well as a jazz rhapsody which was well received in Britain, all in between touring with her music and appearances on screen.

Karen Jønsson
Born(1909-01-17)17 January 1909
Died2 December 1942(1942-12-02) (aged 33)

She died at the age of 33. According to some sources the cause of death was pneumonia (at that time still a serious disease before the emergence of penicillin), while others claim, it was an overdose of sleeping pills, and a possible suicide.[1]



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