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Karadantu (Kannada: ಕರದಂಟು) is a sweet delicacy unique to the state of Karnataka, India. Karadantu means fried-edible gum in the local language, Kannada. It is made of edible gum mixed with dry fruits and has a chewy texture. The other ingredients used in its preparation are fried bengal gram flour, jaggery and seeds of marking-nut (Semecarpus anacardium) tree. Gokak is very famous for karadant. Amingad town in Bagalkot district Karnataka is also famous for the karadantu produced in its sweet shops. The tastes of the 2 varieties of kardant are almost similar but never same courtesy the ingredients used

Gokak karadant.jpg
Alternative namesKardant
Place of originIndia
Region or stateKarnataka
Main ingredientsEdible gum, dried fruits, bengal gram flour, jaggery, marking-nut seeds


The origin of Karadantu making is traced back to pre-independence era when Dundappa Kalaburgi from Gokak used to sell sweet in local market. Earlier, the sweet was made of gram flour, jaggery and groundnut and the delicacies were popular in the local population. When a customer suggested Dundappa Kalaburgi that the sweet could be still made tastier by adding jaggery, then it became the framework to prepare Karadantu.[1]

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