Kara-Buura District

Kara-Buura (Kyrgyz: Кара-Буура району, قارا بۇۇرا رايونۇ, romanizedKara-Buura rayonu) is a district of Talas Region, in north-western Kyrgyzstan. Its area is 4,216 square kilometres (1,628 sq mi),[1] and its resident population was 69,180 in 2021.[2] The administrative seat lies at Kyzyl-Adyr.[3]

قارا بۇۇرا رايونۇ
Kyrgyzstan Kara-Buura Raion.png
RegionTalas Region
 • Total4,216 km2 (1,628 sq mi)
 • Total69,180
 • Density16/km2 (42/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+6


Historical population
YearPop.±% p.a.
Note: resident population; Sources:[1][2]

Rural communities and villagesEdit

In total, Kara-Buura District includes 23 settlements in 10 rural communities (ayyl aymagy). Each rural community can consist of one or several villages. The rural communities and settlements in the Kara-Buura District are:[3][4][5]

  1. Ak-Chiy (seat: Joon-Döbö; incl. Jiyde)
  2. Amanbaev (seat: Amanbaev; incl. Ak-Jar, Kuru-Maymak and Suulu-Maymak)
  3. Bakayyr (seat: Ak-Bashat; incl. Kara-Say)
  4. Bakyyan (seat: Bakyyan; incl. Tamchy-Bulak and Kamash)
  5. Beysheke (seat: Beysheke; incl. Kara-Buura and Kara-Suu)
  6. Cholponbay (seat: Chymgent; incl. Kök-Döbö)
  7. Kara-Buura (seat: Kyzyl-Adyr; incl. Chong-Kara-Buura and Üch-Bulak)
  8. Kök-Say (seat: Kök-Say; incl. Kaynar)
  9. Maymak (seat: Maymak)
  10. Sheker (seat: Sheker; incl. Archagul)


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Coordinates: 42°37′N 71°35′E / 42.617°N 71.583°E / 42.617; 71.583