Kanna Talli

Kanna Talli (English: Own Mother) is a 1953 Telugu drama film, produced and directed by K. S. Prakash Rao under the Prakash Studios banner.[1] It stars Akkineni Nageswara Rao, G. Varalakshmi in the lead roles and music composed by Pendyala Nageshwara Rao. The film is the debut of Telugu popular singer P. Suseela and actress Rajasulochana into the film industry. Kanna Talli bears some resemblance to Mehboob Khan's Aurat (1940) but is a totally different story than the former.[2] The film was simultaneously released in Tamil as Petra Thai. Dialogues were penned by S. A. Subbaraman.[3]

Kanna Talli
Kanna Talli.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byK. S. Prakash Rao
Produced byK. S. Prakash Rao
Written bySunkara Satyanarayana
Sri Sri
StarringAkkineni Nageswara Rao
G. Varalakshmi
Music byPendyala Nageshwara Rao
Edited byA.V.S.Subba Rao
Prakash Studios
Distributed byNavayuga Pictures
Release date
  • 16 April 1953 (1953-04-16)
Running time
193 minutes


The film begins on wealthy couple Chalapathi (R. Nageshwara Rao) & Shantamma (G. Varalakshmi) who lead a happy family life with two sons Ramu & Shankar. Chalapathi is the one that spendthrifts for his vanity. Hence, he bankrupts and absconds leaving behind the family. During that plight, Shantamma rides out courageously and fosters the children. Behold of her struggle the elder one Ramu aims to carve his brother as a civilized person. Years roll by, Ramu (Akkineni Nageswara Rao) exerts himself and Shankar (Nambiar) successfully accomplishes the school file. Parallelly, he falls for Gowri (T. D. Vasantha) daughter of their uncle Nagaiah (Babji). At Present, Ramu aspires to admit Shankar in college for which performs a rich alliance with Rs.10,000 of dowry. Since his wife Lakshmi (C. Varalakshmi) is a virago she pesters her mother-in-law. Besides, in the city, Shankar turns as a spoiled brat with the association of a dancer Chanchala (Shanta). Learning it, Ramu lands where he is badly humiliated by Shankar. Distressed Ramu returns back when Lakshmi pulls his authority and dominates him. After some time, Shankar backs and confronts his brother for his share. Thereupon, Shantamma strikes and necks out him when warmhearted Ramu forgives and lets him in. But deceitful Shankar heists Lakshmi's jewelry and Shanta becomes culpable, so, she is spurned from the house. Being cognizant of Shankar's behavior, Nagaiah calls off the match when blue Gowri attempts suicide and Shantamma rescues her. Here, Shantamma provides an assurance to get back Shankar. By the time, Shankar discovers the devilish face of Chanchala and as enranged he slaughters her. Witnessing it, Shantamma indicts herself in the crime which reforms Shankar. Knowing it, Ramu rushes to his mother. Now the wheel of fortune makes Shantamma meet with her husband Chalapathi in the prison here and now as a wanderer. At last, Shantamma seeks Ramu to maintain silence and also to couple up Shankar & Gowri. Finally, the movie ends with Shantamma moving towards condemning.


Male cast
Female cast
  • G. Varalakshmi as Shanta
  • Rajasulochana as Dancer
  • T. D. Vasantha as Gowri
  • Annapurna as Kanthamma
  • Shanta as Chanchala
  • C. Varalakshmi as Lakshmi



Kanna Talli
Film score by
ProducerPendyala Nageshwara Rao

Music composed by Pendyala Nageshwara Rao. Music released on Audio Company.

Telugu songs
S. No. Song Title Lyrics Singers length
1 "Sri Rama Ramanudunu" (Burrakatha) Sri Sri, Arudra Ghantasala 5:38
2 "Swatantra Bhanudu" Sunkara Satyanarayana,Vasireddy Sarojini 3:22
3 "Saaramuleni Samsaram" Sri Sri,Arudra Madhavapeddi Satyam 2:09
4 "Choostarenduku Raarandi" Tapi Dharma Rao Ghantasala 3:37
5 "Yenduku Pilichevu" Sri Sri, Arudra A. M. Rajah, P.Susheela 2:57
6 "Enta Manchidanavoyamma" Sri Sri, Arudra Ghantasala 3:09
7 "Choochava Choochava" Acharya Atreya Udutha Sarojini 3:01
8 "Nuvvu Kaavali" Tapi Dharma Rao Ghantasala P. Susheela 2:46
9 "Ede Ede Vilaasam" Sri Sri, Arudra A. M. Rajah, K. Rani 3:01
Tamil Songs

Lyrics were penned by M. S. Subramaniam. Playback singers are N. Lalitha, M. S. Sarojini, Ghantasala, A. M. Rajah, P. Susheela and K. Rani. The song Yaedukku Azhaithai is the first song in Tamil film sung by P. Susheela.[4]

No. Song Singer/s Duration (m:ss)
1 "Penmani Nalla Kanmani" N. Lalitha & group
2 "Swathanthra Aadhavan Udhithaane" Udutha Sarojini
3 "Vaarungaiyaa Nalla Porulidhu"
4 "Saaram Illaadha Samsaaram Thanile" Madhavapeddi Satyam & group
5 "Yaedhukku Azhathaai Yaedhukku" A. M. Rajah & P. Susheela 03:26
6 "Maamayil Pol Aadi" K. Rani
7 "Paarthaayaa Parivudane" Ghantasala
8 "Nilaavile Oyyaaram" A. M. Rajah & K. Rani 02:54
9 "Enna Nalla Thaai Neeyamma" Ghantasala


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