Kangaroo Palace

Kangaroo Palace is an Australian television drama miniseries which aired in 1997 on the Seven Network.[1]

Kangaroo Palace
Directed byRobert Marchand
Produced byEwan Burnett
Written byDeborah Cox
Andrew Knight
StarringJacqueline McKenzie
John Polson
Rebecca Gibney
Jeremy Sims
Jonathan Firth
Jerome Ehlers
Music byTim Finn
CinematographyKim Batterham
Edited byAnne Carter
Release date
25 May 1997 (1997-05-25)

Plot summaryEdit

In 1966, Catherine Macaleese (Jacqueline McKenzie) is counting the days until she meets her father, a distant childhood memory, and starts a new life with him in England. Heather Randall (Rebecca Gibney) is Catherine's cousin and closest friend who puts her marriage plans on hold to travel on the Oriana. Richard Turner (John Polson), an aspiring journalist, decides to try his luck on Fleet Street, and promises his fiancée, Sandy, that he will return in a few months. Jack Gill (Jeremy Sims), heading along a path of self-destruction, embarks on the journey at the last minute. On board, Jack disappears with the group's money and the trio arrive penniless. The only contact they have is a friend of Jack's, the mysterious Terence Foster-Burrows (Jonathan Firth). He shows little surprise for their predicament and offers them rooms in the Palace.


Actor/Actress Role
Jacqueline McKenzie Catherine Macaleese
John Polson Richard Turner
Rebecca Gibney Heather Randall
Jeremy Sims Jack Gill
Jonathan Firth Terence Foster-Burrows
Jerome Ehlers Simon Seymour
Josephine Byrnes Ann
Alison Whyte Barbara
Kym Gyngell Spider
Susanne Chapman Sandy
Susie Edmonds Lillian
Jim Daly Ted Rowlands
Alexandra Sangster Lucy
Jan Frazer Mrs. Turner
Dennis Miller Mr. Turner

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