Kandia Crazy Horse

Kandia Crazy Horse is an American country musician, rock critic and writer. She has written for The Village Voice, is the editor of Rip It Up: The Black Experience in Rock 'n' Roll,[1] and also writes for Creative Loafing,[2] and The Guardian.[3] Her country music debut, Stampede, was released in 2013.[4] Crazy Horse is based in New York.[5]

Kandia Crazy Horse
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Background information
GenresCountry music
Occupation(s)Musician, journalist and writer
Years active2004–present


When Crazy Horse began as a music journalist, she states that she was considered a "novelty" because "a black, young female wasn't the picture of a rock critic."[6] Her work as a rock critic is feminist in tone and often focuses on Southern rock.[7] She has also emphasized black contributions to rock music.[8]

Crazy Horse edited Rip It Up: The Black Experience in Rock 'n' Roll (2004). The collection of essays analyzed black figures in rock in order to bring to light the "black experience in rock 'n' roll."[9] Rip It Up describes how black rock isn't considered part of the black music scene and therefore its "impact has been minimized."[10]

She received an Anschutz Distinguished Fellowship in American Studies from Princeton University during 2008 and 2009.[11] While she was a fellow at Princeton, she taught the course "Roll Over Beethoven: Black Rock and Cultural Revolt."[12]

Crazy Horse's debut album, Stampede, contains original songs by Crazy Horse and cover songs.[13] The style of music on the record is traditional country music.[14] Acoustic Guitar called her album "stunning" and a "powerful musical debut."[15] Blurt called her voice "sweet and soulful" and praised her writing that revitalizes familiar country music sounds.[16]


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