Kan (song)

"Kan" (Hebrew script: כאן, English translation: "Here"), was the Israeli entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1991, performed in Hebrew by Duo Datz. Its lyrics and melody were written by Israeli songwriter Uzi Hitman.

Israel "Kan"
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Eurovision Song Contest 1991 entry
Orna Datz, Moshe Datz
Kobi Oshrat
Finals performance
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Entry chronology
◄ "Shara Barkhovot" (1990)   
"Ze Rak Sport" (1992) ►

The song deals with the singers' (and, by extension, the global Jewish community) establishing their home "here" after "two thousand years" of wandering. The home is explained as being one in which everyone is welcome ("we'll say "Ahalan" to whoever comes") and generally a great relief to finally have.

The song was performed fifteenth on the night, following Norway's Just 4 Fun with "Mrs. Thompson" and preceding Finland's Kaija Kärkinen with "Hullu yö". At the close of voting, it had received 139 points, placing 3rd in a field of 22.

It was succeeded as Israeli representative at the 1992 Contest by Dafna Dekel with "Ze Rak Sport".

The song remained one of the greatest hits of Duo Datz and a most popular song of שירי ארץ ישראל ("songs of the land of Israel").

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