Kammerjunker (biscuit)

Kammerjunker (lit. chamber-page) is a type of Danish sweet biscuit, which is typically eaten with koldskål, a buttermilk-based dessert. Like koldskål, kammerjunker are eaten mostly in the summer.

Bowl of kammerjunker
Place of originDenmark
Main ingredientsFlour, butter or other fat, eggs, sugar

Kammerjunker are made from a dough of wheat flour, fat (for example, butter), eggs, sugar, salt, and baking soda. The dough is formed into rolls, pre-baked, sliced, and then baked again to completion.[1] The dough is sometimes spiced with vanilla, lemon zest or cardamom, in some cases all three together.[2] All three spices are used frequently in Scandinavian baking.


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