Kami Mengenang Rinto Harahap

Kami Mengenang Rinto Harahap [1] is a compilation album featuring the works of Rinto Harahap [id].

Kami Mengenang Rinto Harahap - EP
Kami Mengenang Rinto Harahap.jpg
Compilation album by
GenreIndo Pop, Alternative
LabelMusica Studios
Singles from Kami Mengenang Rinto Harahap
  1. "Seandainya Aku Punya Sayap"
    Released: July, 2015
  2. "Cinta Bukan Dusta by NOAH"
    Released: July 27, 2015
  3. "Kau Yang Ku Sayang by d'Masiv"
    Released: September 2015

Harahap, a noted Indonesian singer, died in February 2015. To commemorate his passing, a number of young musicians gathered to record his songs. Produced by the Recording Industry Association of Indonesia (ASIRI), Kami Mengenang Rinto Harahap features performances by NOAH, Geisha[2] , Nidji and d'Masiv.[3]

All profits from the sale of this album will be given to Harahap's family.

Track listEdit

1."Cinta Bukan Dusta (Love Do not Lie)"NOAH3:53
2."Seandainya Aku Punya Sayap (If I Had Wings)"Geisha4:23
3."Love (Love)"Nidji3:49
4."Kau Yang Ku Sayang (You are my darling)"d'Masiv4:03
Total length:15:28