Kamal Khan Dam

Kamal Khan Dam (Pashto: کمال خان بند) is a hydroelectric and irrigation dam project on the Helmand River in Chahar Burjak District of Nimruz Province in south-western Afghanistan. It is located about 95 km to the southeast of Zaranj. Construction work on the dam officially began in 1974 but after the 1978 Saur Revolution, the Americans involved in the construction were compelled to leave Afghanistan and the project was abandoned.[1] It was recently completed.[2][3][4]

Kamal Khan dam
Kamal Khan Dam is located in Afghanistan
Kamal Khan Dam
Location of Kamal Khan dam in Afghanistan
Official nameبند کمال خان
LocationChahar Burjak District, Nimruz Province
Coordinates30°19′26″N 61°53′00″E / 30.323984°N 61.88337730°E / 30.323984; 61.88337730Coordinates: 30°19′26″N 61°53′00″E / 30.323984°N 61.88337730°E / 30.323984; 61.88337730
PurposeIrrigation and Hydroelectricity
Construction began1974[1]
Opening date24 March 2021
Construction cost$78-85 million[2]
Owner(s)National Water Affairs Regulation Authority
Dam and spillways
Type of damGravity
ImpoundsHelmand River
Height16 m
Length2.274Km main dam
Elevation at crest532
Width (crest)9m (changing)
Width (base)90m (changing)
Spillway typeOgee
Total capacity52 million cubic meters
Annual generation9 GWh

The hydroelectric plant produces 9 MW of electric power in addition to providing irrigation to about 175,000 hectares (432,434 acres) of agricultural land.[2][5] Its reservoir has the capacity to store up to 52 million cubic meters of fresh water.

Kamal Khan Dam is managed by Afghanistan's National Water Affairs Regulation Authority (NWARA), which was formerly the Ministry of Energy and Water.[6] Work on the 3rd phase of the dam began on 19 April 2017 by President Ashraf Ghani and members of his administration.[7][8][9] The Iranian government has requested that the Afghan government releases more water toward Iran.[10][11]

Kamal Khan Dam was inaugurated by President Ashraf Ghani on 24 March 2021.[12]

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