Kalterer See

Lake Kaltern (Italian: Lago di Caldaro; German: Kalterer See) is a lake in the municipality of Kaltern in South Tyrol, Italy.

Kalterer See
View from Altenburg (Kaltern) (Castelvecchio)
LocationSouth Tyrol
Coordinates46°22′39″N 11°15′45″E / 46.37750°N 11.26250°E / 46.37750; 11.26250Coordinates: 46°22′39″N 11°15′45″E / 46.37750°N 11.26250°E / 46.37750; 11.26250
Catchment area55.5 km2 (21.4 sq mi)
Basin countriesItaly
Max. length1.8 km (1.1 mi)
Max. width0.9 km (0.56 mi)
Surface area1.4 km2 (0.54 sq mi)
Average depth3.5 m (11 ft)
Max. depth5.6 m (18 ft)
Water volume6×10^6 m3 (210×10^6 cu ft)
Shore length15.3 km (3.3 mi)
Surface elevation216 m (709 ft)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.


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