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Kallada Boat Race

The Kallada Jalotsavam (കല്ലട ജലോത്സവം)is a popular Vallam Kali (boat race) held on the Kallada River at Munroe Thuruthu on 28 days after Onam (28 aam Onam) in Indian state of Kerala. The boat race is conducted along the straight portion (nettayam) of Kallada River. Famous achievers in various fields are honoured during the event.

Kallada Jalotsavam
കല്ലട ജലോത്സവം
Kerala boatrace.jpg
Founded 1969
Region Kollam, east kallada mandrothuruth India
Number of teams 12
Current champions Karichal Chundan [1]
Television broadcasters DD Malayalam

The boat race can be conveniently viewed from Munroe Island (Munroethuruthu in vernacular). Munroe Island holds an important place in the tourist map of Kerala. The country boat sightseeing across Munroe Island conducted by the Kollam district tourist promotion council is the best of its kind in the country. Munroe Island can be reached from Kollam railway station by road (28 km). 12 km from Kundara & 24 km from karunagapally at north. Kollam is 71 km away by road from the Trivandrun airport.

The competitions will be preceded by a colourful sail-past and mass drill by the boats competing in the race.


About the eventEdit

The boat race is an annual event which happens 28 days after Onam (28 aam Onam).


12 Snake boats including 5 Iruttukuthi A grade boats and vepp a b boats will participate.

Trophies and prize moneyEdit

The winners will be awarded Kallada rolling trophy and rupees one lakh, rupees fifty thousand, rupees twenty five thousand and rupees fifteen thousand respectively as first to fourth places, and rupees fifty thousand will be given to each team as bonus.


Year Winners Club
2007 Karichal Chundan Jesus Boat Club
2008 Karichal Chundan Jesus Boat Club
2009 Payippad Chudan Kannetti Sangam Boat Club
2010 Karichal Chundan Jesus Boat Club
2011 Sree Ganesh Chundan St Francis Boat Club
2012 Sree Ganesh Chundan St Francis Boat Club
2013 Sree Ganesh Chundan St Francis Boat club
2014 Sree Ganesh Chundan St Francis Boat club
2015 Mahadevikad Kattil Thekkathil Chundan St Francis Boat club
2016 Ayaparamb Pandi UBC Kainakari
2017 St Pious 10th Mankomp Venad Boat Club, Kallada (SFBC)

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