Kalkfeld is a settlement in the Otjozondjupa region of Namibia. It is situated halfway between Omaruru and Otjiwarongo on the national road C33 and belongs to the Omatako electoral constituency. The place normally receives an annual average rainfall of 346 millimetres (13.6 in), although in the 2010/2011 rainy season 858 millimetres (33.8 in) were measured.[2] Due to its location in former Damaraland, the majority of the inhabitants speak Khoekhoegowab or Otjiherero.

"We can live together"
Kalkfeld is located in Namibia
Location in Namibia
Coordinates: 20°53′S 16°11′E / 20.883°S 16.183°E / -20.883; 16.183
Country Namibia
RegionOtjozondjupa Region
ConstituencyOmatako Constituency
 • Total5,000
Time zoneUTC+2 (South African Standard Time)

Economy and InfrastructureEdit

Kalkfeld was proclaimed a village in 1991 and governed by its own village council until 1996. It was then downgraded to settlement due to a lack of growth.[3] The Namibian national newspaper referred to the settlement as "ghost town", situated in "the middle of nowhere". A business complex and a tourist centre are under construction.[1]

Kalkfeld is served by a station of the Namibia Railway Network. Local residents often make use of donkey carts to get from point to point.


There is one primary school, Kalkfeld Primary School in the location, and one secondary school, G.K. Wahl Combined School downtown, with only one class per grade as there are not a lot of children in the town, but know its 2020 there are a lot of people in the town of kalkfeld.


23 kilometres (14 mi) east of Kalkfeld lies farm Otjihaenamparero where 170 million years old footprints of a dinosaur are visible.[4]

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Coordinates: 20°53′S 16°11′E / 20.883°S 16.183°E / -20.883; 16.183