Kalasin University

Kalasin University (KSU) is a government university located in Kalasin Province. It was established in 2015 from the merger of the Kalasin Rajabhat University and the Kalasin Campus of Rajamangala University of Technology Isan.[1][2][3]


Kalasin University was established regarding the Kalasin University Act. 2015 which was announced in Royal Thai Government Gazette volume 132, section 86 A, issued on September 8, 2015. It stated the combination between Rajamangala University of Technology Isan, Kalasin Campus and Kalasin Rajabhat University to be Kalasin University which is the juristic person and government section operating under the law of Budgetary Means and Office of Higher Education Commission. Regarding section 6 of Kalasin University Act 2015, the university is the educational institute providing knowledge and expertise in profession and advanced professions with the purposes of providing education, promoting research for developing knowledge and technology, providing academic services for local communities and society, providing educational opportunities for people, preserving religious, arts, cultures, and sports, supporting the government activities, participating in local development, and preserving environment.[4]

Symbol of Kalasin UniversityEdit

Emblem of Kalasin UniversityEdit

Kalasin University’s logo and meaning :

  1. The top of Sema (sculptured tablet stone) is derived from three shapes as explained below :
    1. The top of the Yakhu pagoda, the holy pagoda of Kalasin province, symbolizes to the wisdom and morality which are the sublime of human being.
    2. Sema (Sculptured tablet stone) which is the identity of Kalasin province refers to the civilization, greatness, religious and arts.
    3. Candle flame refers to the brightness, knowledge, wisdom, and morality.
  2. Together palms refers to integrations of two universities which are Rajamangala University of Technology Isan, Kalasin Campus and Kalasin Rajabhat University.
  3. Drop of water refers to the fertilization of Kalasin province.
  4. Three levels of candle flame refer to the integration of sciences, technology, and local wisdom regarding the determination and missions of Kalasin University focusing on develop local community and society.

Symbolic ColorEdit

Symbolic color of Kalasin University is leadwort blue which refers to the fertilization, knowledge and wisdom, independence, inspiration, and creativity. Leadwort blue also means the graduate who is patient, determined, calm, and polite.

Symbolic TreeEdit

The tree of Kalasin University is Ma Haad or Artocarpus lacucha

Directory of President of Kalasin UniversityEdit

2015 - 6 March 2016. Assistant Professor Noppon Kosirayotin. (Acting President.) 6 March 2016. - 12 June 2016 Associate Professor Jirapan Huaysan. (Acting President.) 12 June 2016 – Present Associate Professor Jirapan Huaysan.


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