Kala (band)

Kala (stylized in all caps) is a Filipino band that blends funk, nu-disco, acid jazz, electronic and rock music. Its members are Brian Tanchanco, JP Tanchanco, Jade Justine, and Andrew Contreras.[1][2]

from left to right: Voopee Elviña, Brian Tanchanco, Raymond Daylo and Jade Justine from KALA in Bayanihan Republic 2013
from left to right: Voopee Elviña, Brian Tanchanco, Raymond Daylo and Jade Justine from KALA in Bayanihan Republic 2013
Background information
OriginMakati City, Philippines
GenresFunk, nu-disco, Manila sound, acid jazz, electronic, rock
Years active2004–2008, 2010–present
LabelsSony BMG, Believe Digital, flat FIVE Records
MembersBrian Tanchanco
JP Tanchanco
Jade Justine
Andrew Contreras
Past membersVoopee Elviña (deceased)
Raymond Daylo
Lyle Pasco
William Gabaldon
Mike Grape


KALA's first full-length album came on the music scene in 2005 with their debut album under Sony BMG entitled Manila High. The group is most noted for its hit single “Jeepney” and is credited for resurging a distinct and defining genre of Filipino music known as “Manila sound”.[3] The name “Kala” originates from the original members’ college cake-making venture called the “Kala Cake Project”.


In 2008, KALA underwent a self-imposed hiatus following the departures of bassist Lyle Pasco, lead guitarist JP Tanchanco and lead vocalist Mike Grape from the band.

In 2011, KALA resurfaced with new members Jade Justine and Voopee Elviña.

Following their come back, KALA performed in Jack Daniel's third Philippine tour entitled “Jack Daniel’s On Stage: Scouting Gigs” on November 22, 2013.

Lead guitarist Voopee Elviña died on December 4, 2015 after a battle with nasopharyngeal cancer.[4]


During a summer vacation in Boracay last 2004, some of the old band members had a picture posing in silhouette against the sunset. Various poses were made which represented each of the band members. Brian decided to combine prominent elements of each pose in order to blend it in one unifying image. This became the official logo of KALA. It represents convergence and harmony with the sharing of friendship, talents and passion from each of the band members.


In 2004, KALA started performing for Rock Ed Philippines, a nationwide volunteer group that offers alternative education to underprivileged Filipino youth through art, music, poetry, and the like. In the same year, the band released an EP entitled “RockEdition: For the Benefit of the Filipino Youth” by way of support for the UN's “Millennium Development Goals” and “Global Call to Action Against Poverty.”

In 2011, KALA performed for Rock Ed once again in their “Rock the Riles: Rocking for Education” tour.

Awards and achievementsEdit

MTV Rising Star of the MonthEdit

In June 2006, with its popular singles climbing the music charts, KALA was named MTV Philippines’ “Rising Star of the Month.”


GMMSF Box-Office Entertainment Awards:

  • 2014: Most Popular Recording/Performing Group[5]
  • 2015: Most Popular Recording/Performing Group

Paja Awards:[6]

  • 2007: Paja Album of the Year: Destination XYZ
  • 2007: Paja Song of the Year: Pasan
  • 2007: Best Performance by A New Group of Recording Artists: Stars by Callalily
  • 2007: Best Band: Callalily
  • 2007: Song of the Year: Magbalik
  • 2007: Destination XYZ — Certified Gold

OPM Songhits Music Awards:.[7]

  • 2007: Best Band of the Year: Callalily
  • 2007: Song of The Year: Magbalik
  • 2007: Kean Cipriano — Nominated for Favorite Male Vocalist
  • 2007: Nominated for Best Performance by a New Recording Artist

38th Box Office Award:

  • 2007: Most Promising Recording Group[8]

MYX Music Awards:

  • 2009: Nominated for Best Artist-2008[9]
  • 2009: Nominated for Best Group-2008
  • 2013: Nominated for Favorite Group
  • 2013: Nominated for Favorite Artist
  • 2013: Nominated for Favorite Remake - Minsan
  • 2013: Nominated for Favorite Media Soundtrack - Minsan
  • 2013: Won For Favorite Group

ASAP Pop Viewers Choice Awards

  • 2007: Nominated Best Pop Band
  • 2007: Nominated Best Pop Music- "Magbalik"
  • 2008: Destination XYZ — Certified Platinum

SOP Pasiklaband:[10]

  • 2008: "Susundan" - Song of the Year
  • 2008: Kean Cipriano — Best Vocalist of the Year
  • 2006: Favorite Breakthrough Artist (group category)

MTV Pilipinas[11]

MTV Gimme 10

  • 2008: MTV Gimme 10 Year-Ender part 1 - "Sanctuary" at #5(Singles who did not reach #1 but hits the chart in multiple weeks)
  • 2008: MTV Gimme 10 -"Susundan" (#1 song for 2 weeks)

Top OPM Songs 2008

Year Award Giving Body Category Nominated Work Results

2007 20th Awit Awards Best Performance by a New Group Recording Artist N/A Won[14]
Favorite New Group Artist N/A Won[14]
People’s Choice Favorite Group "Jeepney" Won[14]
People’s Choice Favorite New Group "Manila High" Won[14]

MYX Music Awards Favorite New Artist N/A Won[15]
2008 GMMSF Box-Office Entertainment Awards Most Promising Recording Group N/A Won[16]

Band membersEdit

Current membersEdit

Playground photo shoot
  • Brian Tanchanco: lead vocals, keytar, keyboards, synths (2004-2008; 2010–present)
  • JP Tanchanco: lead guitar (2004-2008; 2015–present)
  • Jade Justine: bass guitar (2010–present)
  • Andrew Contreras: drums (2015–present)

Former membersEdit

  • Voopee Elviña: lead guitar (2010–2015, deceased)
  • Raymond Daylo: drums, backup vocals (2004-2008; 2010–2015)
  • Lyle Pasco: bass guitar (2005-2008)
  • William Gabaldon: bass guitar (2004-2005)
  • Mike Grape: lead vocals (2004-2008; 2010-2012)


Future Disco (2013)Edit

  1. Touch Me Kiss Me
  2. Ella Villamor
  3. Dr. Strange
  4. Tipar
  5. Imaginary Lucy
  6. Future Disco
  7. Libot
  8. The Race
  9. Pag Ikot
  10. Feel My Love

Manila High (2005)Edit

  1. Pulis Pangkalawakan
  2. Parapap
  3. Jeepney
  4. Sync of 8
  5. South Side
  6. Piso Pisong Paraiso
  7. Manila High
  8. Salamin
  9. Bakbakan Na
  10. Tubero
  11. Weather Forecast
  12. Jeepney (Nude Mix)

RockEdition: For the Benefit of the Filipino Youth (2004)Edit

  1. Pulis Pangkalawakan
  2. Pira Pirasong Paraiso
  3. Southside
  4. Salamin
  5. Bakbakan Na



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