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Dr Kaitlyn Regehr is a scholar of digital and modern culture, who is best known to the public as a presenter of documentary programs on Canada’s the Slice Network and as a topic specialist for BBC World.[1]

Kaitlyn Regehr
Regehr Image.jpg
Born1985 (age 32)
Toronto, Canada
ResidenceLondon, England
Known forPresenting documentary programs on Slice
Academic background
Alma materKings College London Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts
Academic work
DisciplineNew Media and Cultural Studies
Sub-disciplineGender Studies
InstitutionsUniversity of Kent

Regehr's work explores modern society, gender and the consequences of new technology. Her current projects include mapping the ♯MeToo era[2]; an investigation into digital “INCEL” communities; and the tensions between nature and technology in modern birth culture. Regehr serves as a lecturer at the University of Kent.

She has also launched "The Women We See"[3] with Professor Jessica Ringrose (University College London) a project for the Mayor of London, which uses documentary filmmaking to map women's experiences of advertising in public space. The culminating multi-media report - and corresponding quantitative survey of 2000 participants – will lead to substantial policy changes to advertising in London's public space[4].

Regehr’s book with photographer Matilda Temperley,[5] on one of the first sex worker unions in America, The League of Exotic Dancers[6] was released in 2017 (Oxford University Press).

Early Life and WorkEdit

Regehr was born on April 29, 1985 in Toronto, Canada. Her mother, Cheryl Regehr is the Vice President and Provost of the University of Toronto.[7] Her father is British born psychiatrist, Graham Glancy who has worked on notable cases including the Paul Bernardo case, and has served as president of both the Canadian and American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law[8]

After receiving a bachelor's degree in theatre at the University of Victoria in 2007, Regehr went on to train with the Moscow Art Theatre and study Russian Physical Theatre at the Stanislavsky Summer School Harvard University.[9]Her interests in dance and movement drove her to pursue a joint master's degree from Britain's esteemed King's College London and the world-renowned Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.[10] Completed in 2010, her thesis, which was published in the journal Sexuality & Culture in 2012, explores the rise of recreational burlesque and questions the connection and distinctions between objectification and empowerment.[11]

Sandwiching her time as a master's student, Regehr starred as a presenter on the popular Slice Network (Canada) and Bio Network (UK) television series Re-Vamped[12] (Entertainment One), which examined historic forms of beauty and body type.

Regehr returned to King's College London to work on a doctorate and graduated in 2016.[13] Her doctoral project was an ethnographic study of a group of former exotic dancers, who unionised in 1955, and now live and perform as an ageing community in Las Vegas. The project examined both the gendered and identity politics present in the dancers’ relationship to their ageing bodies. Among the outcomes of this study were a feature documentary film on burlesque queen “Tempest Storm”,[14] which she wrote and produced and was released on iTunes and ARTE (FR); a chapter in a forthcoming book (Oxford University Press); and a book with photographer Matilda Temperley (Oxford University Press).[15]

Regehr is also the creator, producer and director of a pin-up calendar featuring women who live with or who have survived breast cancer: "Pink Ribbon Pin-Upsfor the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation."[16] Her observations from this project were published in her paper "Pink Ribbon Pin-Ups: Photographing Femininity after Breast Cancer" in the journal Culture, Health and Sexuality.[17]

Virally and Digital CultureEdit

In 2015, Regehr reported an assault which occurred on a West London bus[18][19] on social media.[20][21] This heavily publicised incident sparked her recent publications with Jessica Ringrose (University College London)surrounding contemporary digital feminism, social media campaigns responding to sexual assault and the MeToo movement. Regehr has gone on to serve as a topic specialist for BBC World on these themes.

Regehr has spoken out about digital cultures, online abuse and the consequences of the digital age. She also integrated this work into her teaching at the University of Kent, where she has developed programming on digital storytelling and social media and participatory culture.


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