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Kaisha (The Sopranos)

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"Kaisha" is the 77th episode of the HBO television drama series The Sopranos and the 12th episode of the sixth season. It served as the midseason finale to the first part of Season 6, whose broadcast HBO split into two parts. The episode was written by executive producer Terence Winter, series creator/executive producer David Chase and co-executive producer Matthew Weiner, and directed by longtime series director Alan Taylor, and originally aired in the United States on June 4, 2006. Its premiere garnered 8.9 million American viewers.[1]

The Sopranos episode
Ep77 01.jpg
A.J. with his girlfriend Blanca and her son Hector at the Soprano family's Christmas dinner.
Episode no.Season 6
Episode 12
Directed byAlan Taylor
Written byTerence Winter
David Chase
Matthew Weiner
Cinematography byAlik Sakharov
Production code612
Original air dateJune 4, 2006 (2006-06-04)
Running time59 minutes
Guest appearance(s)

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Carlo Gervasi disposes of the last of Fat Dom's remains, his head, kicking it into a sewer. Benny blows up Phil's wire room (gambling venue). By chance Phil is walking towards the place with a woman when it explodes, and they are blown onto their backs.

Little Carmine once again serves as the intermediary between the New York and New Jersey crime families. At a truce meeting, Phil and Tony trade recriminations, but agree to stop the hostilities for the greater good. However, it falls apart when Little Carmine thoughtlessly mentions Phil's murdered brother Billy; Phil, enraged, insults Tony and Little Carmine before storming off. Phil then discusses the next step with his capos Gerry, Butch DeConcini, and Albie Cianflone. When Phil rejects Butch's suggestion to kill Tony, Butch suggests picking "somebody over there." Later, Agent Harris quietly tells Tony that his sources in the FBI are saying that someone in his organization may be in danger of retaliation by the Lupertazzi family.

Phil has a heart attack. At first Tony is elated, but later he surprises the New York mobsters by visiting Phil at the hospital in Brooklyn. When alone, Tony tells Phil about his coma: "I went someplace. I don't ever want to go back there. I think you know what I mean." He tells Phil to take his time recovering and enjoy his grandchildren and the good things in his life, and when he is better there will be enough for everyone.

Tony completes the Jamba Juice deal and tries to revive his relationship with Julianna; she rebuffs him. In fact, she has met Christopher at an AA meeting and they are already lovers. As they continue their affair, the two relapse into drug use. They tell themselves they can integrate the drug into their lives: "For one thing, we don't use needles." At first, Chris tells Tony and the others he is seeing a black girl named Kaisha, who he prefers not to introduce to them. Eventually, Chris tells Julianna that he must reveal their relationship to Tony in order to prevent him from finding out that he is using again. When he is told, Tony acts indifferent. However, in therapy, he expresses his anger that his reward for marital fidelity is Chris' relationship with the woman he desired for himself. Dr. Melfi is pleased that he did not react to the situation violently.

Carmela is thinking about Adriana again because of her dream in Paris, and because Liz La Cerva, Adriana's mother, convinced that she is dead, has tried to kill herself. Carmela disturbs Tony by suggesting they hire a private investigator to track Adriana down; Tony attempts to dissuade her, but she is not easily swayed. Tony tells Silvio again to lean on the building inspector: "My wife needs a career." When the stop-work order on the spec house is lifted, Carmela immediately realizes that it is Tony's work, and thanks him profusely. She throws away the detective agency's business card.

Working at the construction site, A.J. is struck by Blanca Selgado, a Hispanic woman who works in the office there. A.J. introduces himself, and she reciprocates the attraction. On their first date, while they watch TV at her apartment and her infant son Hector sleeps, a group of youths begin playing loud music outside. She says her ex used to kick their ass. A.J. resolves the dispute by bribing them with an expensive mountain bike given by his parents. Afterwards, A.J. and Blanca make love.

The Baccalieris, DeAngelis, and Moltisantis join the Sopranos at their home for Christmas Eve, although Meadow has stayed in California. A.J. arrives with Blanca and Hector and introduces them to his family. His parents welcome her but, aside, murmur their reservations. "She's ten years older!" Carmela says. Blanca compliments Carmela on their beautiful home; she thanks her and takes Tony's hand. The Christmas tree is piled high with gifts; Christmas music is playing; almost the entire extended family is gathered, it seems, peacefully.

First appearancesEdit

  • Blanca Selgado: A.J.'s new Dominican girlfriend.
  • Butch DeConcini: a Lupertazzi family capo who is in favor of most aggressive action against the Jersey crime family, such as the murder of someone close to Tony or Tony himself.

Title referenceEdit

  • The episode's title, "Kaisha", is the name of Christopher's imaginary black girlfriend.
  • "Kaisha" was also the name of (Chris' former heroin dealer) Credenzo Curtis's ex, mentioned by him right before he is assassinated after the hit on Carmine Lupertazzi was called off in "Whitecaps".


  • "Sentimental Journey" was the working title for this episode.[citation needed]
  • The episode is dedicated to director John Patterson, who directed every season finale for the first five seasons and worked regularly on the series, but died after its fifth season.
  • The exploding storefront is an actual location in the Queens neighborhood of Ridgewood on Fresh Pond Road (one of the two main local shopping streets).

Other cultural referencesEdit

  • When Benny calls Tony to confirm the destruction of Phil's wireroom, he refers to Phil as "the Shah" due to his resemblance to the deposed Shah of Iran.
  • Christopher's comments about penguins spending a long time guarding an egg only to lose the chick inside refers to the documentary film March of the Penguins.
  • During his sit-down with Tony, Phil notes the disappearance of "Fat Dom" Gamiello and surmises that the Sopranos family killed him because Dom was last seen in Jersey. Tony denies that claim and adds: "So was the Hindenburg", referring to the disaster which took place in Lakehurst, New Jersey.
  • Butch compares Tony’s acts of restitution as wanting attention with 9/11—got attention, now time to defeat them.
  • Patty Leotardo calls the irritable Phil Ebenezer Scrooge when discussing Christmas dinner with him.
  • Julianna questions Christopher's intention to title his film "Cleaver" because of the possibility that people will think of Beaver Cleaver (Leave It to Beaver TV show).
  • Christopher mentions Saw and Hostel as examples of successful one-word horror movie titles.
  • A.J. and Blanca are watching the comedy film The 40-Year-Old Virgin in her apartment before the noise outside wakes Hector up.
  • Blanca says A.J. was born on the same day as Jesse Ventura.
  • Christopher and Julianna are watching Hitchcock's Vertigo at a movie theater after smoking heroin in his car.
  • In what appears to be a joke towards writer Terence Winter, Christopher mentions that the "50 Cent movie" aka Get Rich or Die Tryin' was being given away free at the car wash. Winter wrote the script for that film and co-wrote this episode.
  • Christopher tells Tony he told Julianna to buy a Luther Vandross boxed set for Kaisha for her birthday.
  • Christopher mentions The Jerry Springer Show when he walks and talks about his AA meetings. He tells "Murmur" that there is nothing but "white trash and narcotics" who talk about their problems, he recalls it as a "Fucking Jerry Springer Show!".
  • Junior references the JFK assassination to Bobby Bacala when he says he "didn't act alone" in the shooting of Tony.
  • Carmela says the Christmas toy drive charity she participated in gave away an Xbox video-game system.
  • Bobby Jr. watches the film Scrooge on TV before starting to flip through channels. Scrooge was previously featured in the season 5 episode "The Test Dream."
  • Bobby Jr. is later prominently watching Casablanca. A reference to the film could be when Blanca admires Carmela's house ("casa" in Spanish or Italian). Additionally, romantic relationships is the main theme of this episode. Also, when Christopher Moltisanti lies to Tony about his 'goomah', he tells that she's 'black' (African American) and tells her name as 'Kaisha' (also the name of the episode). He says that she might get racist comments from Paulie and so hadn't introduce his goomah to the gang. The other non-white female character introduced in the episode is 'Blanca', who does get racist comments. That's Kaisha Blanca.



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