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Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary

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Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Sonbhadra and Mirzapur districts of southeastern Uttar Pradesh. The sanctuary reaches generally east and west along the Kaimur Range, extending to the Son River at its eastern end, and to the border of Madhya Pradesh at its western end. It was established in 1982.

The vegetation consists of 500 square kilometers of verdant land. The topography of the region is as varied as the types of animals that it houses.



By airEdit

The nearest airport is babatpur varanasi.

By railEdit

The nearest railhead is Bhabhua road.

By roadEdit

Kaimoor is accessible by road from Varanasi and Mirzapur (100 km). The nearest town, Robertsganj, 3 km away, is connected by bus services to major centres in the region.


The wildlife population comprises leopard, blackbuck, chital, chinkara, ratel and peafowl. The main species of wild animals found in the sanctuary are those of antelope, blue bull, wild cat, karakal, and bijju. There are quite a few varieties of local and migratory birds forming a large part of the wild population.

Important vegetation includes saal, sheesham teek, mahua, jamun, siddha, salai, koraiya and jheengar.

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