Kai Ewans

Kai Peter Anthon Ewans (né Nielsen; April 10, 1906 – April 4, 1988) was a Danish-American jazz reedist.[1]

Ewans was born in Hørsholm, Denmark.[1] He played initially as a banjoist, but switched to saxophone in 1923 when he formed the Blues Jazz Band.[1] The group disbanded in 1924, after which Ewans was with Valdemar Eiberg's ensemble from 1924 to 1926.[1] He adopted the name Ewans in 1927, and led Denmark's first big band in 1927–28, thereafter leading bands in Belgium and Germany through 1931.[1] Following this he played with Bernard Etté, Kai Julian (1931–32), and Eric Tuxen (1932–36).[1] He founded a new big band including mostly musicians from Tuxen's ensemble in 1936, and recorded with Benny Carter that year.[1] The band recorded copiously in the 1940s.[1] AllMusic wrote: "Ewans was a potent force behind the development of interest in jazz, and in particular in big band, swing-era-style music in Denmark. His bands were always disciplined, well-rehearsed and enthusiastic outfits, reflecting the best qualities of the leader."[2]

The big band dissolved in 1947, and after this Ewans worked in business in the U.S., moving to California in 1956.[1] From 1960 to 1964 he ran a restaurant with Carter in Beverly Hills, and later in the decade returned to Copenhagen to play again.[1] He retired to Connecticut late in life, and died there on April 4, 1988.[1]

His granddaughter, Vanessa Trump, was married to Donald Trump Jr., and Kai Trump, their daughter, Ewans' great-granddaughter, is named after him.[3][4]

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