Kadir Has University

Kadir Has University (or as mostly preferred by its students KHAS) is a foundation university in Fatih, Istanbul, established in 1997 by Kadir Has, the late Turkish industrialist and philanthropist.[1]

Kadir Has University
Kadir Has Üniversitesi
Kadir Has University's main building in Cibali, Istanbul
RectorProf. Dr. M. Sondan Durukanoğlu Feyiz

Kadir Has University has six faculties: Faculty of Art and Design; Faculty of Communication; Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences; Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences; Faculty of Law; and Faculty of Management. Kadir Has University is a research university, which aims to generate high quality research as well as students with competencies of highest standards by developing a new model of education that is application- and project-based. Prof. Dr. M. Sondan Durukanoğlu Feyiz is the current rector of the university.

Research institutes at the university include the Centre for Energy and Sustainable Development, Istanbul Studies Center, the Sports Studies Research Center, the Gender and Women’s Studies Centre, the Center for International and European Studies and the Centre for Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection.


The university was founded by the Kadir Has Foundation, established by the late industrialist and philanthropist Kadir Has.

The university's campus is located by the Golden Horn in Cibali, Fatih, the capital district of İstanbul, on the European side of the city. The building was originally a tobacco factory, erected in 1884 by the Istanbul-based Ottoman Armenian architect Hovsep Aznavur.[2] The factory was used for nearly seventy years by TEKEL the state tobacco producers. It then fell in disrepair due to the lack of maintenance and eventually was abandoned. It wasn't until the late 1990s when the Kadir Has Foundation came up with the idea to turn this desolated factory building into a university, taking a twenty-nine year lease from Tekel in 1997. After four years of restoration, the university was officially opened on 30 December 2002. The building has over 35.000m2 of indoor space plus grounds.

The university's Cibali campus is also home to the Rezan Has Museum, named after the wife of Kadir Has. The museum features an 11th Century cistern, which is one of the few Byzantine structures outside the old city walls, as well as the ruins of an Ottoman era bath.


In 2003 Kadir Has University won the Europa Nostra Award for the beautiful restoration of an historical place. After this huge success, again with the same aim, Kadir Has Charity Foundation also bought the C block of the building from TEKEL and restored it, which now hosts the Faculty of Art & Design and the Rezan Has Museum.

Kadir Has Foundation is the sponsor of "Kadir Has Awards" for;

  • Outstanding Achievement Award: Received by Prof. Dr. İvet Bahar in 2019
  • Promising Young Scientist Award: Received by Dr. Canan Dağdeviren in 2019

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