Kaatelal & Sons

Kaatelal & Sons is an Indian comedy television series that premiered on Sony SAB on November 16, 2020. It airs on Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm. It is produced by Contiloe Pictures Private Ltd, and stars Megha Chakraborty, Jiya Shankar, Ashok Lokhande, Sachin Chaudhary, Paras Arora and Sahil Phull. The story focuses on twin sisters Garima and Susheela, who fight against patriarchal traditions to run the family's ancestral salon called Kaatelal & Sons.[1]

Kaatelal & Sons
GenreComedy, drama, romance
Written byMohinder Pratap Singh
Screenplay bySweksha Bhagat
Story by
  • Ravi Bhushan
  • Shabia Walia
  • Nitish Ranjan
Directed byRavi Bhushan
Creative directorDixit Kaul
Theme music composer
  • Sargam Jassu
  • Nakash Aziz
Opening themeRe Choria Kadak Hain
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes141
ProducersAbhimanyu Singh
Roopali Singh
CinematographySandeep Yadav
Mohsin Khan
EditorSatya Sharma
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time25 minutes
Production companyContiloe Pictures Private Ltd
DistributorSony Pictures Networks
Original networkSony SAB
Picture format
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original release16 November 2020 (2020-11-16) – Present (Present)
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Kaatelal & Sons
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Jagat Seth , who wants to buy all shops of Haathi Bazar in Rohtak, Haryana gets into dispute with the shopkeepers mostly with Haathi Bazar Association President Dharampal Kaatelal Ruhail who has a 100 year old hair Salon named Kaatelal and Sons. He has 2 twin daughters Garima and Susheela. Garima is wise and a good cook like her mother, Kusum and a hair cutter like her father. Susheela is short tempered and a boxer. She wants to become a hero before her marriage. Dharampal's younger brother Shishupal was a clerk in Garima and Susheela's College and he is a great cook. His wife Chanchal is as clever as a fox and tries to make fights between people. Their son Puttu supports his sisters in their plans and he wants to become a film director and successfully runs a kitkot channel named GOAT Puttu which has over 10,000 followers. In a dispute with Jagat, Dharampal is gravely injured. Garima and Susheela begin running the salon, by disguising themselves as men (Guunu and Sattu, respectively). They are aided by Puttu and supported by their father's physician, Dr Pramod.

Garima falls in love with Vikram, but due to a misunderstanding she is engaged to Sattu by their father. Jagat frames Sattu for a robbery, and Sattu breaks ties with the family. Jagat orders Vikram to trick Dharampal into signing ownership of the salon to Jagat. Garima learns of this and denounces Vikram in the bazaar. The twins' secret is learned by their mother, Kusum. Susheela pretends to be the goddess Durga to trick Dharampal into permitting women in the salon.

An enraged Jagat sets the bazaar on fire; the twins fight him, saving the bazaar. Although Jagat threatens to reveal the truth about Guunu and Sattu, the twins testify in court and he is sentenced to two years' imprisonment. Police inspector Agni Rajawat develops a crush on Garima.

Dharampal prohibits women in the salon and brings in Shishupal and Puttu to manage it, while arranging the marriage of Susheela and Pramod to separate the twins. Dharampal learns that Puttu has no prior experience in hair cutting. The twins decide to open their own salon, aided by Agni, Kusum, and Pramod's parents. However, Dharampal learns of this, withdraws the twins from college, forbids them from leaving the house, and cancels the engagement. Agni becomes a tenant in their home.

Dharampal takes everyone to a resort to meet Puttu's uncle Ghanshyam, with whom he conspires regarding the twins. Following much family intrigue, it is revealed that the twins plan to rent Jagat's shop at the bazaar for their salon. Ghanshyam has been acting like an ally to the twins to gain their confidence, but Garima becomes suspicious since he doesn't support the dreams of his daughter, Ritu. When Ritu's fiancee, Shekhar arrives, Garima exposes Ritu's secret desires. Embarrassed, Ghanshyam diverts the conversation by talking about how Dharmpal's daughters ran Kaatelal & Sons, reigniting the rivalry between the two men.

Agni arrives to investigate fraud complaints against Ghanshyam, and the twins blame Agni when their father discovers their plans. Agni searches for the real culprit while Ritu seeks to run away from her engagement ceremony to take an examination and be with her lover Karan, who is also a waiter at the resort. Pramod arrives at the resort despite Dharampal disliking him. Puttu overhears Chanchal’s schemes and realizes that he talked in his sleep, betraying the twins. Shishupal arrives. Puttu tells the twins that Agni is innocent; Agni and the twins forgive him.

Ghanshyam wants the twins to stay for another two months to prove the concept of their salon before expanding to other locations, but they believe this is to delay them and keep them out of the bazaar while their father arranges marriages. Chanchal begins taking advantage of the resorts luxurious villas and plans to have her family move in there much to the dismay of Shishupal and Puttu. Shishupal and Kusum are suspicious about Dharampal, Chanchal, and Ghanshyam’s plans. Knowing everyone is stressed, Puttu calls the twins, Ritu, Pramod, Agni, and Karan to play a couples version of truth or dare?. Shekhar arrives uninvited and Karan is forced to sit out. When it’s his turn, he asks her if she's happy with their engagement, causing her to leave. Having completed his investigation, Agni leaves, and Garima discovers she has feelings for him. The next day, Pramod asks Susheela out on a date and Agni returns.

At night, the twins, Puttu, Pramod, Agni, Ritu, and Karan discuss their plans to help Ritu complete her examination without being spotted by her parents and Shekhar. Karan is scared because he witnessed Ghanshyam threatening his co-worker for stealing valuable goods from the resort and thinks that it will happen to him if he gets caught. Chanchal roams around the storeroom that they are in and is scared off by Kusum, pretending to be a ghost.

Next day Karan runs away from the resort leaving a letter saying that he loves and respect Ritu and her dreams but he don't want to take risk as Ghanshyam can cause harm to him and his family. Ritu who is now heartbroken decides not to give the exam but Garima , Susheela , Agni and Pramod motivate her and she agrees. On the other hand Chanchal is suspicious about the twins and tries to find out the matter by blackmailing Puttu. Agni and Pramod become successful in dropping Ritu to her examination hall. Susheela must disguise herself as Ritu while she is gone. A beautician from a beauty parlour arrives to get Ritu ready for the engagement even though she has left for the examination. Garima and Susheela tie up the beautician.

Dharampal has become obsessed with the marriage app for Garima and Susheela. The beautician tries to cut herself free from being tied up. Chanchal tells Dharampal and Ghanshyam about her suspicions about the girls and the beautician arriving. Puttu warns the girls that the three of them are heading to Ritu’s room. Dharampal, Ghanshyam, and Chanchal walk in on Garima who was talking to Agni on the phone while dropping off Ritu. She is unaware that the beautician escaped. At the engagement hall, Puttu sees the beautician and pretends that she’s a thief. Everyone goes outside to catch her except for Garima, Susheela, and Puttu. Agni, Pramod and Ritu return to the resort and they catch the beautician.

Pramod gives the gift to Shekhar so he can present it to Ritu before the engagement. He reveals that he wants to know her personally and connect with her more often. Ritu is hiding underneath a food trolley and listens to this. Ritu starts regretting her decision to get away from him. Shekhar goes to see Ritu, who is actually Susheela still in disguise as her to give her the gift. Ritu and Garima enter the room and Shekhar realizes that he was speaking with Susheela the entire time even during their rituals. Shekhar wants Ritu to explain the truth to him. At the wedding hall, Chanchal tries to get answers out of Shishupal while dancing at the same time. Shekhar is disappointed when Ritu tells him about her affair with Karan and going for the IPS exams. Pramod and Agni try to talk some sense into him. Garima, Susheela, Puttu, Ritu, Pramod, and Agni are all ready for the engagement to begin but Shekhar’s mother arrives and informs everyone that the engagement has been postponed for two days. Chanchal steals Puttu’s phone and now knows about all the girls’ plans.

The twins, Pramod and Agni convince Ritu to speak with Shekhar to clear things. Ritu disguises herself as a waiter and apologizes to him for everything. Chanchal sees Garima, Susheela, Pramod, and Agni watching Ritu apologizing to Shekhar. He is disappointed that she had lied to him about all of this and that it’s too much for him to bear with. Chanchal brings them to the engagement and reveals their plans to Dharampal and Ghanshyam. Ritu’s mother Madhu goes into her room and finds Ritu’s exam ticket and shows it to Ghanshyam. He is furious upon seeing her ticket and confronts her. He is about to hit Ritu until he sees her phone which contains all of the details of the twins’ plans. Garima and Agni spend some time with each other while Susheela spends time with Pramod. Dharampal witnesses Susheela with him until he runs into Ghanshyam who tells him that their deal is canceled. The sirens begins to sound off and everyone goes to the lobby where Dharampal and Ghanshyam have a huge argument. Susheela exposes Ghanshyam’s true colours.

Ghanshyam reveals that he never cared about the twins’ dreams or Ritu’s dreams. He goes too far and starts insulting the twins and Dharampal. Puttu and Shekhar defend the twins and Ritu. Shekhar and his mother are happy to hear that Ritu had gone to do her IPS exams and that she’s following her dreams but are disappointed that her parents have lied about this and tried to take it away from her. Now exposed, Ghanshyam tries to hit Garima but Dharampal stops him and slaps him. After everyone leaves the lobby, Ghanshyam plans on doing something bad to Dharampal.

Despite the twins trying to help Ritu, Dharampal is upset with them as they have intervened with his argument with Ghanshyam. Agni informs Garima and Susheela that Jagat has agreed to give them his shop. Garima is super happy about this and she hugs Agni. The twins decide to head back to Rohtak and retrieve the keys to Jagat’s shop before the Haathi Bazar opens up. Garima, Susheela, Pramod, and Agni go back to Rohtak except for Puttu who stays behind at the resort with Kusum. It is revealed that Ghanshyam is the mastermind behind the twins’ deal with Jagat.

The next day, the twins leave for Rohtak along with Pramod and Agni and they receive a video call from Kusum saying that Dharampal is missing. They go back to the resort to find him. Puttu, Kusum, and Shishupal begin looking for him. Dharampal is shown to be tied up and kidnapped by Ghanshyam. He reveals his entire plan and how he sent off the twins with Agni and Pramod as a distraction so that they won’t know where he is and that he orchestrated the deal with Jagat’s shop rental. This was all part of Ghanshyam’s revenge on Dharampal for humiliating him in front of he Haathi Bazar many years ago and wants to humiliate him in front of everyone in Jhajjar. Once they return to the resort, Agni and Pramod try to open the gate but Susheela takes the drivers seat in Agni’s car and speeds it through the gates. Agni and Pramod go search for Dharampal and Ghanshyam is shocked to see that the twins have returned.

Garima runs into Ghanshyam who suddenly appears out of nowhere and lies about Dharampal’s whereabouts. Agni arrives and begins suspecting Ghanshyam. Susheela and Puttu begin questioning Chanchal, who was busy in the spa instead of worrying about Dharampal. Puttu is sent to spy on his mother. Pramod also suspects Ghanshyam as he lied about searching for Dharampal and that he didn’t see him leave the resort. The gang then realize that Dharampal is still in the resort after Agni has traced his last known location on his phone. The gang now know that Ghanshyam was lying and decide to get help from Ritu. Everyone searches all over the resort and even the deserted places to find Ghanshyam and Dharampal but is nowhere to be seen. Garima finds Dharampal’s ring and now knows that he’s kidnapped by Ghanshyam.

Pramod starts searching the halls for Dharampal but he is shot with a tranquilizer by a sniper hired by Ghanshyam and is rendered unconscious. The twins pretend to kidnap Ritu so that Ghanshyam would reveal Dharampal’s location in the resort using their voices from when they were Gunnu and Sattu. When Agni makes a phone call, the sniper shows and is about to kill him but instead he tranquilizes Shekhar instead. Agni goes outside and is tranquilized as well by the sniper. Puttu witnesses his activities and tells Garima and Susheela about it. He is scared that the sniper will come for him next and that he couldn’t save Pramod, Agni, and Shekhar.

Cast and charactersEdit


  • Megha Chakraborty[2] as Garima Kaatelal Ruhail/Gunnu: Dharampal and Kusum's elder daughter; Susheela's elder twin; disguised herself as Gunnu; Agni's love interest; Shishupal and Chanchal's niece; cousin of Puttu (2020–present).
  • Jiya Shankar[3] as Susheela Kaatelal Ruhail/Sattu: Dharampal and Kusum's younger daughter; Garima's younger twin; Dr. Pramod's love interest and ex-fiance; Shishupal and Chanchal's niece; cousin of Puttu; disguised herself as Sattu (2020–present).
  • Ashok Lokhande[4] as Dharampal Kaatelal Ruhail: Kusum's husband; father of Garima and Susheela; elder brother of Shishupal and in-law of Chanchal; Puttu's uncle (2020–present).
  • Sachin Chaudhary as Putrapaal (Puttu) Kaatelal Ruhail; Shishupal and Chanchal's son; Dharampal and Kusum's nephew; Garima and Susheela's cousin (2020–present).
  • Paras Arora as Dr. Pramod Chautala (Chota Haddi): Susheela's love interest and ex-fiance; Dr. Jai Chautala and Meenakshi's son; orthopedic physician of Dharampal (2020–present).
  • Sahil Phull as S.H.O Agni Rajawat: Garima’s love interest and S.H.O of Rohatak Police Station (2021–present).


  • Hemaakshi Ujjain as Kusum Ruhail; Dharmpal's wife; Garima-Susheela's mother; sister-in law of Shisupal and Chanchal; Puttu's aunt. She has a problem of forgetting things(2020–present).
  • Manoj Goyal as Shishupal Kaatelal Ruhail: Dharampal's younger brother; Chanchal's husband; Puttu's father; Garima and Sushila's uncle; brother-in-law of Kusum (2020–present).
  • Swati Tarar as Chanchal Ruhail/Chatur Chachi: a wily woman who takes credit for Kusum’s hospitality and likes to cause fights between people. Shishupal's wife and Puttu's mother; sister-in-law of Kusum (2020–present).
  • Deepak Tokas as Jagat Seth: Dharampal's rival; Vikram's brother (he is not his biological or step brother, he just lovingly calls him) brother; Ompal and Satbeer's boss (2020–present).
  • Ankit Mohan as Vikram; Jagat Seth's (he is not his biological or step brother, he just lovingly calls him) brother; Garima's old love interest; Gunnu's best friend; Priyanka's boyfriend (2020–2021). [5]
  • Karuna Verma as Meenakshi aka Minnie Chautala: Mother of Dr. Pramod (Chhota Haddi); wife of Dr. Jai Chautala (Haddi Babu) (2020–present).
  • Hans Dev Sharma as Dr.Jai Chautala (Haddi Babu): Father of Dr. Pramod (Chhota Haddi); husband of Meenakshi (2020–present).
  • Manav Soneji as Phitkari: A helper in Kaatelal & Sons salon (2020–present).
  • Naman Arora as Ompal: One of Jagat's sly[clarification needed] (2020–present).
  • Prashanth Goswami as Satbeer:One of Jagat's sly[clarification needed] (2020–present).
  • Alice Kaushik as Priyanka: Garima–Susheela's friend; Vikram's girlfriend (2020- present).
  • Unknown as Avatar: Friend of Dharampal, Chunni and Lallan (2020–present).
  • Sanjeev Satija as Chunni: Friend of Dharampal, Avatar and Lallan (2020–present).
  • Mukesh Chandel as Lallan: Friend of Dharampal, Chunni and Avatar (2020–present).
  • Thakur Rajveer Singh as Bhagwan Das, the thief (2021).
  • Radhika Chhabra as Balijeet Khatara (Billy Cat) (2021).
  • Jayant Raval as Ghanshyam: Chanchal's elder brother (2021–present).
  • Sapan Gulati as Shekhar
  • Simran Arora as Ritu: Ghanshyam's daughter (2021–present).
  • Sumit Singh as Karan: waiter; Ritu's love interest (2021).




Jiya Shankar and Megha Chakraborty were cast to play Garima and Susheela. Ankit Mohan and Paras Arora were cast opposite Chakraborty and Shankar. In February 2021, Ankit Mohan quit the series. In March 2021, Sahil Phull was cast to play Agni opposite Megha Chakraborty.[6]


The series was announced by Contiloe Pictures Private Ltd and was confirmed in September 2020 by Sony SAB. The first promo of the series was released on 6 November 2020.[7]

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