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Public housing estates in Fanling

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Name Type Inaug. No Blocks No Units Notes
Cheong Shing Court 昌盛苑 HOS 2000 3 1,280
Cheung Wah Estate 祥華邨 TPS 1984 10 2,471
Ka Fuk Estate 嘉福邨 Public 1994 3 2,045
Ka Shing Court 嘉盛苑 HOS 1995 4 2,432
King Shing Court 景盛苑 HOS 1995 4 2,432
Wah Ming Estate 華明邨 Public 1990 7 2,476
Wah Sum Estate 華心邨 Public 1995 2 1,481
Wing Fai Centre 榮輝中心 PSPS 1996 4 1,350
Wing Fok Centre 榮福中心 PSPS 1994 6 1,680
Yan Shing Court 欣盛苑 HOS 1993 7 2,450
Yung Shing Court 雍盛苑 Public/HOS 2000 3 2,500


Cheong Shing CourtEdit

Cheong Shing Court

Cheong Shing Court is an HOS housing estate in Fanling Town, near Wah Ming Estate and Yung Shing Court. It has 3 blocks built in 2000.

Name[1] Type Completion
Cheong Ching House (Block A) Concord 2000
Cheong Siu House (Block B)
Cheong To House (Block C)
Cheong Yun House (Block D)

Cheung Wah EstateEdit

Cheung Wah Estate

Cheung Wah Estate (Chinese: 祥華邨) is a TPS estate, and the first public estate in Fanling Town.[2] It has 10 residential blocks completed between 1984 and 1986. Some of the flats were sold to tenants through Tenants Purchase Scheme Phase 6A in 2004.[3] A secondary school, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Li Ka Shing College, is located in the estate.

Name[4] Type Completion
Cheung Lai House Old Slab 1984
Cheung Chung House
Cheung Shun House Double H
Cheung King House
Cheung Fung House
Cheung Yue House
Cheung Wo House
Cheung Lok House
Cheung Tak House Trident 2 1986
Cheung Chi House

Ka Fuk EstateEdit

Ka Fuk Estate

Ka Fuk Estate (Chinese: 嘉福邨) is located near Fanling Highway.[5][6] It consists of 3 residential buildings built in 1994.

Name[7] Type Completion
Fuk Lok House Harmony 1 1994
Fuk On House
Fuk Tai House Harmony 3

Ka Shing CourtEdit

Ka Shing Court

Ka Shing Court (Chinese: 嘉盛苑) is an HOS housing estate in Fanling Town, near Ka Fuk Estate. It has 4 blocks built in 1995.[8]

Name[9] Type Completion
Ka Ming House Harmony 1995
Ka Fai House
Ka Yiu House
Ka Yeung House

King Shing CourtEdit

King Shing Court

King Shing Court (Chinese: 景盛苑) is an HOS housing estate in Fanling Town, near Wah Sum Estate. It has totally 4 blocks built in 1995.

Name[9] Type Completion
Foon King House Harmony 1995
Chun King House
Yan King House
Yin King House

Wah Ming EstateEdit

Wah Ming Estate

Wah Ming Estate (華明邨) is located in Wo Hop Shek. They were sold in the TPS of Hong Kong Housing Authority in March 1993.

Name[10] Type[10] Completion[10]
Lai Ming House Trident 3 1990
Shun Ming House
Tim Ming House
Yiu Ming House
Chung Ming House Harmony 4
Fu Ming House
Hong Ming House

Wah Sum EstateEdit

Wah Sum Estate

Wah Sum Estate (Chinese: 華心邨) is situated in Wo Hop Shek[5] consisting of 2 residential buildings built in 1995.

Name[11] Type Completion
Wah Koon House Harmony 1 1995
Wah Min House

Wing Fai CentreEdit

Wing Fai Centre

Wing Fai Centre (Chinese: 榮輝中心) is a PSPS housing estate in Luen Wo Hui, Fanling Town, next to Wing Fok Centre.[12][13] It has totally 4 blocks built in 1996.

Name[14] Type Completion
Block 1 Private Sector Participation Scheme 1996
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4

Wing Fok CentreEdit

Wing Fok Centre

Wing Fok Centre (Chinese: 榮福中心) is a PSPS housing estate in Luen Wo Hui, Fanling Town.[12][13] It has totally 6 blocks built in 1994.

Name[15] Type Completion
Block 1 Private Sector Participation Scheme 1994
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Block 5
Block 6

Yan Shing CourtEdit

Yan Shing Court

Yan Shing Court (Chinese: 欣盛苑) is an HOS housing estate in Fanling Town, near Flora Plaza, King Shing Court. It has totally 7 blocks built in 1993.[16]

Name[16] Type Completion
Yan Sau House NCB 1993
Yan Sau House
Yan Hei House
Yan Yuet House
Yan Yiu House
Yan Choi House
Yan Fai House

Yung Shing CourtEdit

Rental section
Rental or buy section

Yung Shing Court (Chinese: 雍盛苑) is an HOS housing estate[17] consisting of three residential buildings completed in 2000. Yung Sui House and Yung Wui House are for rental while Yung Wa House is for Buy or Rent Option.[18]

Name[19] Type Usage Completion
Yung Sui House Harmony 1 Rental 2000
Yung Wa House
Yung Wui House HOS

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