Kaşık Havası

Kaşık Havası (tr), Kaşık Oyunları (tr), Χορός κουταλιών (el) (Turkish and Greek, meaning 'spoon rhythm' and 'spoon dances', respectively, owing to the use of pairs of wooden spoons as a musical instrument) are Turkish folk dances mostly spread over the Mediterranean region and have a varying structure of their arrangement, performance, rhythmic and melodic characteristics. They are always rendered with wooden spoons and the characteristic measure is 2/4 or 4/4. The instruments used are beast bow (later violin), baglama and clarinet, in general, they are accompanied by folk songs.

"Köçek troupe at a fair" at Sultan Ahmed's 1720 celebration of his son's circumcision. Miniature from the Surname-i Vehbi, Topkapı Palace, Istanbul.


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  Silifkenin Yoğurdu Oyun Havası