Křeček v noční košili

Křeček v noční košili (Hamster in a Nightshirt) is a six-part television series for children, which was co-produced by Czechoslovakia and West Germany in 1987 by director Václav Vorlíček. It was first broadcast during the Christmas holidays of 1988.[1] In Germany it is known under title Hamster im Nachthemd.[2] The hamster in the title refers to a character whose surname translates as hamster.

Křeček v noční košili
StarringJúlius Satinský, Ondřej Regazzo, Jiří Racek, Marek Brodský
Country of originCzechoslovakia
West Germany
Original languageCzech
No. of episodes6
Running time45 minutes
Original release
NetworkCzechoslovak Television
Release24 December 1988 (1988-12-24) –
1 January 1989 (1989-01-01)



The main character is young Kája Berka, who visits his grandparents in the town of Ružbach. There he sleeps in a borrowed nightgown from his great-grandfather - and thanks to it, he is transported in his dream to the time when his great-grandfather taught at the local school and shocked the neighborhood with his ingenious inventions. However, in an attempt to transfer his inventions to modern times, engineer Křeček appropriates these inventions (among other things because he was competing with Kája's father for the position of chief designer of the automobile company). The Kreček family basks in the media's favor, while the Berks are embarrassed - so Kája and his friend Aleš Chvojka, using another of his great-grandfather's inventions, get into the thief's head and begin to influence and control him in an attempt to seek justice.[3]




  1. Ukradený vynález (Stolen invention)
  2. Sehnat noční košili (Quest for a nightshirt)
  3. Velká akce začíná (The big action beginns)
  4. V pasti (The trap)
  5. Zloděj v noční košili (Thief in a nightshirt)
  6. Vlaštovko, leť! (Fly, paper plane!)


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