Kazan'in Nagachika (花山院長親), also known as Fujiwara no Nagachika (藤原長親) and by his art name Kōun (耕雲), was a Japanese waka poet of the Nanbokuchō period and early Muromachi period. His Dharma name was Myōgi (明魏).


Kazan'in Nagachika's year of birth is unknown.[1] He was the son of Kazan'in Iekata [ja][2] and the grandson of Kazan'in Morokata.[2] He followed his father and grandfather in serving the emperors of the Southern Court.[2]

In 1384 he is supposed to have left the Southern Court capital of Yoshino and gone wandering.[2] His own account in the Kōun Kuden (which he wrote in 1408[2]) indicates that around 1394 he took up residence in Kyoto.[2]

According to the postscript to the Kōun Senshu,[2] by the first month of Genchū 6 (1389) he had risen to the rank of Naidaijin,[2] but before this time he had already left court.[2] Shortly after this date he entered Buddhist orders.[2]

He died in seventh month of Seichō 2 (1429).[2] A poem of his dating to 1414 appears to give his age as around 70, meaning he was probably in his eighties at the time of his death.[2][2][2]


Kazan'in Nagachika was a member of the Fujiwara clan, and so is also known as Fujiwara no Nagachika.[2] His art name was Kōun,[2] and his Dharma name upon entering Buddhist orders was Myōgi.[2]


Nagachika's participation in the Dairi Sanbyaku-rokujisshu Uta (内裏三百六十首歌) in 1365 was his first significant achievement as a waka poet.[2] He went on to participate in numerous poetry contests and gatherings at court,[2] including: the Nanchō Sanbyaku-ban Uta-awase (南朝三百番歌合, 1371);[2] the Nanchō Gohyaku-ban Uta-awase (南朝五百番歌合, 1375);[2] the Sumiyoshi-sha Sanbyaku-rokujū-ban Uta-awase (住吉社三百六十番歌合, 1375);[2] and the Nanchō Dairi Senshu (南朝内裏千首, 1377).[2]

He had a hand in the compilation of the Shin'yō Wakashū, a quasi-imperial collection of waka that was submitted to the emperor of the Southern Court for his approval in 1381.[2] 25 of his poems were also included in the collection.[2]


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