Jyoti Raj

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Jyoti Raj is an Indian free solo climber from Chitradurga, Karnataka.[1]

Jyoti Raj
Other namesKothi Raj, Monkey man
Known forScaling walls

Known as "Kothi Raju" or "Monkey King", Raj is famous for scaling the Chitradurga Fort without safety harnesses.[2] He does not climb for sports, but to entertain the visitors to the fort.[3][4][5][6]

He is also the only person to have scaled Karnataka's highest waterfall, the 830-foot Jog falls, climbing against the flow.[7] On 13 September 2013, he free soloed the clock tower at Moorusavir Math in Hubli in just over 15 minutes. He did not use any harness, but used chalk for grip.[8]

He made his debut as an actor in Sandalwood with the 2014 film Jyothi aliyas Kothiraja.[9]

He has been called upon numerous times to rescue or retrieve the bodies of people who have fallen down Jog Falls, and on a rescue operation in 2018 he got stuck in a gorge overnight. [10][irrelevant citation]


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