Julius Saturninus

Sextus (possibly Gaius) Julius Saturninus (died 280 AD) was a Roman usurper against Emperor Probus.[1]

Julius Saturninus
Usurper of the Roman Empire
Aureus Saturninus.jpg
BornGaul or Africa
Sextus Julius Saturninus
Regnal name
Imperator Caesar Sextus Julius Saturninus Augustus

Julius Saturninus was a Gaul by birth (others have him as a Moor) and was a friend of Emperor Probus. He was appointed governor of Syria by Probus (c. 279).

After Probus had left Syria for the Rhine in 280, unruly soldiers and the people of Alexandria forced a reluctant Saturninus to accept imperial office. He fled from Alexandria to escape the pressure but changed his mind in Palestine. He proclaimed himself emperor in 280. Conflictingly, the Historia Augusta states that Probus learned of this and sent men to kill him, while according to an account by Zosimus, before Probus could respond to the threat, Saturninus was dead, killed by his own troops.[2]


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