Julio Navarro (astrophysicist)

Julio F. Navarro FRSC (born October 12, 1962 in Santiago del Estero, Argentina) is a professor of Astronomy (Ph.D. Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina) at the department of Physics and Astronomy in the University of Victoria. Dr. Navarro's research is mainly focused on the formation and evolution of galaxies and galaxy clusters and the structure and evolution of their dark matter component. He is famous for his theoretical studies of dark matter halos accompanied by massive N-body simulations.[1] Julio F. Navarro along with Carlos Frenk and Simon White have formulated a density profile for dark matter halos, which were named after them. In 2015, he won the Henry Marshall Tory Medal of the Royal Society of Canada. He is chief editor of the journal Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences.[2]

Portrait of Julio Navarro


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