Julian Wintle

Julian Wintle (1913–1980) [1] was a British film and TV producer who battled with haemophilia throughout his life.[2]

Julian Wintle
Producer Julian Wintle.jpg
Born17 October 1913
Died8 November 1980
OccupationFilm and TV producer

He is best remembered for his work on TV's The Avengers,[3] where he oversaw the transition of the series to film, the introduction of Emma Peel, and the subsequent international success, in what is considered by many to be the series "classic" years (1965–67).[4]

Wintle was a member of the Bryanston Consortium from 1959 to 1963. For several years, in the early 1960s he was head of Beaconsfield Film Studios, and, together with Leslie Parkyn, a director of Independent Artists Ltd., which produced Lindsay Anderson's This Sporting Life (1963) among other projects.

His sons are the musician and publisher Christopher Wintle and the writer Justin Wintle. He was the subject of a biography by Anne Francis, Julian Wintle. A Memoir, London, Dukeswood, 1984.[5] This contains an extensive filmography with many films listed for which he was executive producer.


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