Jules Migeon

Jules Migeon (1815–1868) was a French author, businessman and politician. He served in the Corps législatif from 1852 to 1859.

Jules Migeon
Jules Migeon.jpg
Born7 February 1815
Died20 March 1868 (1868-03-21) (aged 53)
OccupationAuthor, businessman, politician
Parent(s)Jean-Baptiste Migeon

Early lifeEdit

Jules Migeon was born on 7 February 1815 in Méziré, France.[1][2] His father, Jean-Baptiste Migeon, was a businessman.

Migeon studied the Classics in Haut-Rhin and Paris.[2]


Migeon published short stories in Le Pionnier, a literary magazine, as early as 1844.[2] He published his first novel, Louise, shortly after.[2] Two years later, in 1846, he published, La France et ses institutions, a book about French institutions.[2]

Migeon acquired the Zola Dam, built by François Zola, near Aix-en-Provence in 1853.[3] It was dedicated in 1854.[3]

Migeon was conservative.[2] He served in the Corps législatif from 1852 to 1859, representing Haut-Rhin.[2]

Migeon was a papal count.[2]


Migeon died on 20 March 1868 in Zug, Switzerland.[1][2]


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