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Judge Dredd audio dramas

This is a list of audio plays based on the long-running British comic series 2000 A.D., produced by Big Finish Productions. Twenty-two plays have been released to date.[1]

Toby Longworth appears in most of the plays as the voice of Judge Dredd, with other characters voiced by a variety of other actors, including several who have appeared in Big Finish's Doctor Who series. Two plays were spin-offs featuring characters from Strontium Dog, with Simon Pegg as Johnny Alpha.[1]


Series OneEdit

# Title Author Released
1 Judge Dredd: Wanted: Dredd or Alive David Bishop March 2002
2 Judge Dredd: Death Trap David Bishop April 2002
3 Strontium Dog: Down to Earth Jonathan Clements June 2002
4 Judge Dredd: The Killing Zone Dave Stone July 2002
5 Judge Dredd: The Big Shot! David Bishop July 2002
6 Judge Dredd: Trapped on Titan Jonathan Clements September 2002
7 Judge Dredd: Get Karter! David Bishop October 2002
8 Judge Dredd: I Love Judge Dredd Jonathan Morris November 2002
9 Judge Dredd: Dreddline James Swallow March 2003
10 Strontium Dog: Fire From Heaven Jonathan Clements May 2003
11 Judge Dredd: 99 Code Red Jonathan Clements September 2003
12 Judge Dredd: War Planet Dave Stone September 2003
13 Judge Dredd: Jihad James Swallow March 2004
14 Judge Dredd: War Crimes David Bishop April 2004
15 Judge Dredd: For King and Country Cavan Scott April 2004
16 Judge Dredd: Pre-Emptive Revenge Jonathan Clements October 2004
17 Judge Dredd: Grud is Dead James Swallow October 2004
18 Judge Dredd: Solo Jonathan Clements December 2004

Crime ChroniclesEdit

# Title Author Released
1 Judge Dredd: Crime Chronicles - Stranger than Truth David Bishop October 2009
2 Judge Dredd: Crime Chronicles - Blood Will Tell James Swallow November 2009
3 Judge Dredd: Crime Chronicles - The Devil's Playground Jonathan Clements December 2009
4 Judge Dredd: Crime Chronicles - Double Zero James Swallow January 2010

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