Juan II de Ribagorza

Juan de Aragón y de Jonqueras, 2nd Count of Ribagorza, (27 March 1457 in Benabarre, Spain – 5 July 1528 in Monzón, Spain) was Viceroy of Catalonia (1496–1501) and Viceroy of Naples (1507–1509), replacing Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba.

Juan de Aragón y de Jonqueras, 2nd Count of Ribagorza


He was a bastard son of Royal bastard Alfonso de Aragón y de Escobar, (1415–1485), a.k.a. Alfonso VI de Ribagorza till 1485, 1st count of Ribagorza, 1st duke of Villahermosa since 1476. His father was son of king John II of Aragón, (b. 1398, king 1458–1479).

Tomb of Juan de Aragón y de Jonqueras inside de Monastery of Montserrat, Spain

Therefore, he was one bastard nephew of king Ferdinand II of Aragón, (b. 1452, king 1479–1516). He was in charge of re-conquering the kingdom of Naples, substituting Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba (1453–1515), who was commander there since 1495 but who was having personal problems with his king. Juan was probably a prominent and trusted person from Gonzalo's staff in Italy.

He married in 1479 wealthy landowner María López de Gurrea y Torrellas, deceased 1492. Their elder son, born 1487, was count Alfonso VII de Ribagorza since 1512, later 2nd Duke of Luna. When his wife died in 1492, he became an ecclesiastical member of the Military Order of Saint John.

He was faced in June 1508 by a popular revolt due to the lack of flour and wheat while he tried to collect extra money for military purposes. In October 1509 he had to leave the town being replaced by interim-Viceroy of Naples, Antonio de Guevara, count of Potenza (Basilicata, Italy).

In 1512 he was appointed President of the Generalitat of Catalunya but he had to leave his post, apparently due to administrative pressures in June 1514, because appointments were restricted for a while to Catholic Church authorities.

In June 1528 he was buried at the Catalan Monastery of Montserrat.


Preceded by
Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba
Viceroy of Naples
Succeeded by
Ramon de Cardona

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