Juan Subercaseaux

Monsignor Juan Subercaseaux Errázuriz (August 26, 1896 - August 9, 1942) was a Chilean Roman Catholic archbishop. Juan Subercaseaux was of French and Basque[1] descent.


Juan Subercaseaux was born in Santiago, the son of Ramón Subercaseaux Vicuña, a career diplomat, Ambassador of Chile to the Holy See for more than two decades and Amalia Errázuriz Urmeneta, writer, author of the book "Rome of the spirit". Young Juan was educated in the values of the faith, in a deeply Catholic family, had as spiritual director the famous Chilean priest, Miguel León Prado, who would become, years later, the first bishop of the Diocese of Linares. Juan went to the prestigious Jesuit school of "San Ignacio" in Santiago, and from there he went directly to the Santiago Seminar in order to continue his education. After his ordination he continued his studies of Philosophy and Theology in Rome, initially at the Pontificia Università Gregoriana and, subsequently, at the Pontificio Collegio Pio Latino Americano of Rome and at the "Accademia dei Nobili Ecclesiastici" (nowadays "Pontificia Accademia Ecclesiastica)", where he obtained the doctorate in Philosophy and Theology.

Ordained Priest of Santiago de Chile on April 3, 1920, he was consecrated Bishop of Linares on April 28, 1935 by the Apostolic Nuncio in Chile, Archbishop Ettore Felici. Appointed Archbishop of La Serena in 1940. He was awarded the Order of the Crown of Italy and died in a road accident near La Serena.

Ecclesiastical lifeEdit

Date Event Title
August 26, 1896 Born Santiago, Chile
April 3, 1920 Ordained Priest Priest of Santiago de Chile
February 23, 1935 Appointed Bishop of Linares, Chile
April 28, 1935 Consecrated Bishop Bishop of Linares, Chile
May 12, 1935 Installed Bishop of Linares, Chile
January 8, 1940 Appointed Archbishop of La Serena, Chile
April 9, 1940 Installed Archbishop of La Serena, Chile
August 9, 1942 Died Archbishop of La Serena, Chile

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