Journey to Portugal

Journey to Portugal (Viagem a Portugal in Portuguese) is a non-fiction book on Portugal by Nobel Prize-winning author José Saramago. It was first published in 1981 by Círculo de Leitores e Editorial Caminho.[1]

First edition

Critical assessmentEdit

An English language translation was published in 2001. A review in Publishers Weekly praised the book, calling it a "monumental work, a literary hybrid that intermingles an intimate portrait of a nation with aspects of a novel, travel log and guide book."[2] Writing in The New York Times, Michael Pye was critical of the book, saying "As books of travel go, this one goes wrong from the start; it is downright solipsistic", and concluded that the book was better as a guide to Saramago rather than as a guide to Portugal.[3] The book was also reviewed in World Literature Today,[4] The Washington Post,[5] New Statesman,[6] and The Spectator.[7]


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