Joseph Connolly (author)

Joseph Connolly (born March 23 1950) is an English journalist, novelist, and non-fiction writer.


For many years he owned The Flask Bookshop in Hampstead, London. Having started writing fiction rather late in life, he is best known today for comic novels, especially in France, where they have been translated by Alain Defossé. He also contributes to The Times and other publications.

His son is Charles Connolly, a musician. The two live in Hampstead.



First edition of This Is It, a 1996 comic novel about a womanizer who leads a double life
First edition of S.O.S., a 2001 novel set on a luxury cruise ship

Most of his novels were published by Faber and Faber. England's Lane, Boys and Girls, Style, and This is 64 were published by Quercus.[1]


  • Collecting Modern First Editions (1975) (a standard work on book collecting)
  • Modern First Editions: Their Value to Collectors (1984)
  • Children's Modern First Editions: Their Value to Collectors (1988)
  • P.G. Wodehouse (1979) (biography)
  • Jerome K. Jerome (1982) (biography)
  • Beside the Seaside (1999)
  • All Shook Up: A Flash of the Fifties (2000)
  • Christmas And How to Survive It: Laughter Matters (2003)
  • Eighty Years of Book Cover Design (2008)[2]
  • The A-Z of Eating Out (2014)


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