Josep Vallverdú

Josep Vallverdú i Aixalà (Catalan pronunciation: [ʒuˈzɛb ˌbaʎβəɾˈðu]; born 1923) is a Catalan poet, novelist, playwright, linguist and essayist. Vallverdú was born in Lleida in 1923. His narrative Rovelló served as basis for a TV-series in TV3 (Catalonia). His works, rich in vocabulary, have been widely used in the Catalan classrooms. Vallverdú won in 1982 the National Spanish Prize in Children's Literature.

Josep Vallverdú Aixalà at Biblioteca de Lleida


Selected works for childrenEdit

  • Trampa sota les aigües, 1965
  • Rovelló, 1969
  • En Roc Drapaire, 1971
  • L'home de les poyes, 1972
  • Un cavall contra Roma, 1975
  • Saberut i Cua-Verd, National Spanish Prize in Children's Literature, 1982
  • Indíbil i la boira, 1983
  • L'home de gregal, 1992

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