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José María Yazpik

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José María Yazpik (born November 13, 1970) is a Mexican actor.

José María Yazpik
José María Yazpik (cropped).jpg
Born (1970-11-13) November 13, 1970 (age 49)
Years active1995–present
Partner(s)Iliana Fox


Yazpik was born in Mexico City into moderate wealth, the son of a gynecologist, Dr. Jose Maria Meza and housewife, Cristina Yazpik. He has two siblings, Carlos and Cristina. Due to some poor investment choices and the family's habit of living beyond their means, the family struggled financially. Meza decided to move the family to San Diego, California. He started a practice in Tijuana, the border town between the two countries. The family settled in La Jolla, a wealthy district of San Diego that was too expensive. After taking out loans on the forecasted profits of the new business, the two brothers were enrolled at St. Augustine High School, an all boys school directed by priests. Meza failed with his gynaecology business and misjudged some further financial investments. After a year, and as the dollar increased in value against the Mexican peso, the family had to move to Tijuana. Cristina had to take on some work to increase their income. Through borrowing money and taking out further loans, José María and his brother Carlos continued to attend school in San Diego.

Yazpik did not graduate from high school as he struggled academically, but his ability in sports and optimism saved him from expulsion. He was indecisive about what career he should pursue. A teacher recommended that he participate in theater school, as she had noticed his ability. Although he liked theatre, and realised that this was the only way he could truly express himself, through the medium of song, dance, dressing up as other people and acting, Yazpik returned to Tijuana and began to study communication in the Universidad Iberoamericana. Again, he found it hard to study and left after three months. He enrolled in law at the University of Baja California, realising that he could pursue his dream of expressing himself. He left law school, though, as he realized it was not his passion.

His first acting job came from a friend of his father, who produced the TV movie The Brute With the Angel of Death. He moved to Mexico City to study at Centro de Educación Artística (CEA) of Televisa. Upon graduating he was offered minor roles in youth soap operas on Televisa, which he wanted to refuse as they did not offer him the chance to really express himself, however the exclusive contract with the station forced him to accept all the roles he was offered. He received his first major role on television in the soap opera The Dove in 1995, produced by José Rendón, which stopped production because of the death of its protagonist, actor Gerardo Hemmer.

In 1996, he participated in his second telenovela, Song of Love, produced by Luis de Llano Macedo, and in the film Última llamada, directed by Carlos Garcia Agraz. In 1997, he gained roles in television, playing the villain role of youth in telenovelas Pueblo chico, infierno grande and Ángela, both produced by José Alberto Castro.

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He is the father of a girl named Leonor with Mexican actress Iliana Fox.



Las Oscuras Primaveras (2014)


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