José Monteiro da Costa Cup

The José Monteiro da Costa Cup (Portuguese: Taça José Monteiro da Costa), also known as North of Portugal Championship (Campeonato do Norte de Portugal), was a Portuguese football competition established by FC Porto in 1910[1] to honour its president José Monteiro da Costa.[2] Participating teams played against each other and were required to field an all-Portuguese squad. The winners would host the tournament in the following year, and the first team to win it three consecutive times would become the outright winners.[1]

Porto won the competition in its first two years, but Académica de Coimbra prevented Porto's ultimate win in 1913. In the following year, Porto recovered the title at Académica's ground and won the cup definitely after securing their third consecutive win in 1916.


Year Winner Runner-up
1911 Porto Leixões
1912 Porto Académica de Coimbra
1913 Académica de Coimbra Porto
1914 Porto Académica de Coimbra
1915 Porto Académico do Porto
1916 Porto Boavista

Performances by clubEdit

Club Winner Runner-up Years won Years runner-up
Porto 5 1 1911, 1912, 1914, 1915, 1916 1913
Académica de Coimbra 1 2 1913 1912, 1914
Leixões 0 1 1911
Académico do Porto 0 1 1915
Boavista 0 1 1916


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