Valencia International Piano Competition Prize Iturbi

The Valencia International Piano Competition Prize Iturbi (also referred to as the José Iturbi International Piano Competition[1]) is an international piano competition held in Valencia, Spain. It is named after virtuoso José Iturbi, born in Valencia. Created in 1981, it has been held ever since in the month of September and is part of the World Federation of International Music Competitions.

After four annual editions, in 1986 it became a biennial competition. In 2004 Valencia's Palau de la Música replaced the city's Teatro Principal as the competition's headquarters. In 2013 the competition was changed to a triennial periodicity. The competition consists of five rounds, as shown in the chart below. The prize has always included a cash award, recital and orchestral engagements, and a recording contract. As of 2013, the winner is awarded €18,000 in cash. On two occasions, 1982 and 1992, a First Prize was not awarded.

The Valencia Orchestra takes part in the finals.


Grand Winners
Year 1st prize 2nd prize 3rd prize
1981   Elza Kolodin   Edson Elias   Hüseyin Sermet
1982 Not awarded Not awarded   Michel Gal
1983   Patrick O'Byrne   Youri Pochtar   Mary Kathleen Ernst
1984   Christian Beldi Not awarded Not awarded
1986   Rowena Arrieta   Emiko Kumagai   Yumiko Urabe
1988   Igor Kamenz   Brenno Ambrosini   Jovianney Emmanuel Cruz
1990   Aleksey Orlovetsky   Luca Chiantore Not awarded
1992 Not awarded Not awarded   Mariana Gurkova
1994     Miri Yampolsky   Mauricio Vallina   Atsuko Seki
1996   Uta Weyand   Jenny Lin   Jung-Eun Kim
1998   Duncan Gifford Not awarded Not awarded
2000     Roman Zaslavsky   Ángel Sanzo   Sheila Arnold
2002   Maria Zisi   Severin von Eckardstein

  Maria Stembolskaya (ex-a.)

Not awarded
2004   Alexandre Moutouzkine   Jean-Frédéric Neuburger   Ingmar Schwindt
2006   Josu de Solaun Soto   Valentina Igoshina   Andrei Yaroshinsky
2008   Zhengyu Chen   Soyeon Kim     Marianna Prjevalskaya
2010   Andrei Yaroshinsky   Arta Arnicane   Aleksey Lebedev
2012   Tomoaki Yoshida   Ilya Maximov   Tetiana Shefran
2015   Luka Okros   Viviana Lasaracina   Aleksandra Jablczynska
2017   Fatima Dzusova   Chon Sae-yoon   Jorge Nava
2021 Not awarded   Alexey Sychev   Ryutaro Suzuki

  Salome Jordania (ex-a.)


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