José Bonifácio, São Paulo

José Bonifácio is a municipality in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The population is of 32,763 inhabitants and the area is 859.94 km².[1] The city belongs to the Microregion of São José do Rio Preto.

José Bonifácio
Flag of José Bonifácio
Coat of arms of José Bonifácio
Coat of arms
Location in São Paulo state
Location in São Paulo state
José Bonifácio is located in Brazil
José Bonifácio
José Bonifácio
Location in Brazil
Coordinates: 21°03′10″S 49°41′16″W / 21.05278°S 49.68778°W / -21.05278; -49.68778Coordinates: 21°03′10″S 49°41′16″W / 21.05278°S 49.68778°W / -21.05278; -49.68778
StateSão Paulo
MesoregionSão José do Rio Preto
MicroregionSão José do Rio Preto
 • Total859.94 km2 (332.02 sq mi)
458 m (1,503 ft)
 • Total32,763
 • Density38/km2 (99/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-03:00 (BRT)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-02:00 (BRST)
Postal code
Area code+55 17


The history of José Bonifácio begins in 1906. The founder of the city, José Crescencio de Souza, built the first three houses. In 1910, the brothers Manuel, Justino e Carlos Rodrigues de Sant’Anna donated part of their land to the Catholic Church. The first chapel was built in 1913, and the town received the name of Cerradão.

In 1914, the town was elevated to district and in December 23, 1924, became a district of Mirassol, changing its name to the current form. José Bonifácio was officially established as a municipality on December 28, 1926.[2]


The Tertiary sector is the economic basis of Bonifácio. Commerce, services and administration corresponds to 62.3% of the city GDP. Industry is 29.2% of the GDP, and the Primary sector corresponds to 8.5%.[3]


  • BR-153 - Rodovia Transbrasiliana
  • SP-425 - Rodovia Assis Chateaubriand


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