Jorjadze (Georgian: ჯორჯაძე) is a Georgian noble family.

ზაქარია ჯორჯაძე.png
Prince Zachary Jorjadze in 1863
Meaning"son of Jorja"
Region of originGeorgia
Other names
Variant form(s)Jorjiashvili

It is considered by a genealogical tradition to have been of Caucasian Albanian origin, settled in the southern Georgian province of Meskheti in 980 and removed to Kakheti in eastern Georgia in 1466. The family was elevated to a princely dignity by the kings of Kakheti and granted the office of mouravi (palatine) of Gremi, and of Eniseli, the latter being hereditary in the line.

Under Russian rule, the Jorjadzes were recognized as princes of the Russian Empire according to the decrees of 1829 and 1850.[1][2][3]

Presently, there are 154 Jorjadze family members in Georgia.[4]

There is one street named after Jorjadze in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi.

Notable membersEdit


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